Comic Book Review – Dresden Files : Welcome to the Jungle, by Jim Butcher


Well safe to say that my resolution of delivering one review each week has failed, mostly because Life has gotten in the way and I have been kept away from my books for a long spell . That said I have read a lot of graphic novels in the past and I have thought of reviewing those graphic novels until I manage to finish my present read . So if you were not looking for Graphic novel reviews , I’m sorry for you

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BOOK REVIEW! Song of Sussanah (The Dark Tower book #6) , by Stephen King

c60d54cc-7154-4359-ab9f-0ef22deb6240The Dark Tower books have so far been quite an experience , starting off as an incomprehensive snooze-fest in the first book , it caught pace and become a stunning piece of fiction in the next two books, but the 2 books that followed The wastelands were really really dull and felt like a filler episode in the adventure towards the mystical tower. But I have a policy , I never quit reading , even if a book is bad and so here I am with the penultimate book of the Dark Tower series.

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BOOK REVIEW: Wolves of Calla (Dark Tower #5 ) , by Stephen King


Stephen King is a world renowned name , even If you haven’t read his work , you must have seen his movies , or even if you haven’t done that you have at least heard of his name*. Compared to what he has achieved I’m absolutely insignificant in this planet and here I’m ready to write a blog that’s gonna tell you how much of a snooze-fest and overrated this book of his was.

*and if even that hasn’t happened to you , well come back to civilization man , stop hiding under that rock of yours .

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It’s been a busy week for me and I haven’t been reading much , in fact it’s taken me 10 days to reach 190 pages of my present read , Hence instead of doing a book review this week , I’ll be doing a comic book review .

The Lightening Strike Twice was the first story arc post rebirth for the flash and just like the countless other DC Rebirth Titles , It managed to deliver a fantastic story while reconnecting to the core of the Flash as a character .

What I Liked

The plot of the lightening strike twice, is on the surface a very stereotypical story , but deep down it questions what makes Barry Allen so special , it shows what Barry can do and what would happen if Barry decided to someday misuse his powers . Meanwhile the introduction of the new Wally West and Meena as a speedster did create some charming moments for the story . The excess of speedsters made you question why Flash is so special and why Barry Allen as a Flash makes for a much better fit than any other person with the power of flash.Flash acting as a mentor for countless speedsters and in the end a hint of a deeper mystery made the story relatable to the old days of Flash.Meanwhile Godspeed turned out to be a very cool villain , with another speedster with twisted morals and goals as his key character trait .

What I Didn’t Like

The plot although has it’s own merits , it was kind of stereotypical and kind of reminded me of the Static Shock cartoon show on Cartoon network growing up . Although that itself is not much of a problem , I found myself very annoyed by the presence of countless Speedsters . The big villain reveal for Godspeed also wasn’t a lot surprising and very predictable and than the final battle itself kind of felt underwhelming. I was also not a big fan of the artwork , At some panels the art looked really really good but for most times it simply looked a bit awkward .The good panels often involved Flash in the middle of a action sequence so I don’t mind it that much

TEASER TUESDAY – Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower #5) – by Stephen King


Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme, Previously hosted by MizB of Books And A Beat now hosted by The Purple Booker

It is very easy to play along:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers! Everyone loves Teaser Tuesday

My Choice This Week :

For this week , My choice is , as mentioned above – The Fifth installment in the highly acclaimed and soon to be made into a movie – Dark Tower book 5 : Wolves of Calla .

So far , I have barely reached 10 % of the book and my progress has been slow due to my other commitments , and unlike the usual trend so far this year , I sadly don’t expect to post a review for this book this week . That said I hadn’t done a Teaser Tuesday for a while so here it is

Teaser Of the Week :

4978“Beyond the far end of the table was a screen showing Arthur Eld, Sword held high, riding through a swamp with three of his knight-gunslingers behind him. Around his neck was Saita, the great snake, which presumably he had just slain. Another successful quest! Do ya fine! Men and their quests! Bah! What was slaying a magical snake to her? She had a chap in her belly, and the chap was hungry”

-52.5 % , Kindle Edition , Wolves of the Calla, by Stephen King

So that’s my Teaser for the week , have you read Wolves of the Calla ? Share your Teaser on the comments below.

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ARC REVIEW!! Teenage Diaries : the Days That Were – by Saurabh Sharma


As is the case with Advanced Review Copies (ARC) I’d like to state that I was approached by the author of the book to read and review his book and a copy of the book in paperback format was provided to me by  the author. I’d also like to state that, My review has in no way been influenced by this generosity by the author.

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BOOK REVIEW: Skin Game (Dresden Files #15 ) by Jim Butcher


As of writing this review I have completed one of my 2017 goals and finished reading all the Dresden Files main novels available as of now , and I must admit , while I started the book series a bit skeptical , it has now become one of my all time favorite book series.

Book Quotes:

“Some men fall from grace. Some are pushed.”
Jim Butcher, Skin Game

Once again there may be certain Spoiler elements in this review , so anything written in Red is a spoiler for this book or previous books in the series , so read along to this review very very carefully.

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GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW !! Batman:Bruce Wayne,Fugitive?(Batman: Bruce Wayne,Fugitive part 2 )

The Concluding Chapter of the Fugitive saga , answers a lot of questions and delivers on some points and even brings back some light into the life of Bruce Wayne and yet on many level it falls a little flat in comparison to it’s predecessor which I reviewed HERE!

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Mystery Blogger Award!



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I’d like to start by saying a big Thank you to the awesome Green Onion for nominating me , And I don’t say this just because it is a guideline , I really appreciate Green Onion giving me a shout out and a nomination , I truly Appreciate it 👍

Now as per the guidelines , Let me introduce you to the creator of this award Okotoenigma , I’m yet to follow Okotoenigma’s work , but I’m pretty sure it would be awesome and I intend to keep an eye on that blog very soon , I suggest you to give it a glance as well , maybe you may find something that you like over there.

Moving On…

3 Things about me:

Well besides the obvious that I’m a doctor and love to read fantasy and comics I’m really unsure on what to tell here .

I think I will restate somethings that I did tell my followers in a previous award nomination , back when I didn’t have so many lovely people following me

  1. My parents passed away when i was quite young , My only living relative are My Sister , My Brother-in-law and their newly born child , who I’ve self-assigned to spoil with various priviledges . Sadly I still don’t have a lightening scar and my life is not surrounded by talking hats 😦 200_s
  2. Besides reading and acting like a child , I also like to be quite obsessed with Football (or Soccer as people in the North American Continent like to call it) I support one of least liked clubs called Chelsea FC and I’m ready to fight you if you say bad things about the club .c7rxu
  3. Finally besides being a reader and a football maniac , I’m also somewhat addicted to binge watching Anime .
    Come to think of it , between the books , comics , football and anime , I’m kind of surprised I managed to become a doctor. Go Figure.

5 Question from Green Onion :



Q:1) If you were suddenly sucked into a cartoon world and forced to live the life therein.  Where would you like to go, and why?

Well this is a head-scratcher , I’d probably want to go to live in the world of The Flintstones.


Coz who wouldn’t want to live in a world of Bedrock , with never ending Brontosaurus burgers and a Dinosaur as a pet dog . Also it’d probably be easier to survive this cartoon world than any action cartoon series . Not to mention it’d be nice to shout yaba daba doo! and not look crazy for once.

Q:2) You have to eat the same breakfast for the rest of your life.  What do you choose?

Well I’m a Indian Guy and most of the people following this blog are from outside of India , so many won’t be familiar with my choice for a perennial breakfast . So ladies and Gents , lemme introduce you to Masala Dosa.header14

Masala Dosa is a South-Indian dish , that is meant for Breakfast as it is quite healthy , delicious and Light dish , But it is also a dish that can actually be eaten as any meal of the day . And It’s absolutely delicious . My mouths already watering while typing this .

294388Q:3) You are a wanted fugitive and on the hit list of every imaginable super hero.  You can choose one fictional character to protect you.  Who do you choose, and why?

Well this is such an easy answer , I’d Want Saitama – The One Punch Man. Because if you don’t know him , than know this The guy can beat anyone . ANY.ONE. with a single punch and he is hilarious and awesome .

Q:4) You have to win a game against a demon to save your soul.  What game would you play him?

Although I’m pretty good at playing Football (soccer) I’d never want to play a physical game against a Demon . Them being Demon and all , kinda gives them a tad bit advantage when it comes to physicality . So , Instead I’d play a game of Chess , because of 2 reasons , 1 – I’m pretty good at Chess , if I may say so and 2- If things aren’t going as planned I can simply stall the Demon in a game of chess , and Stall him for an eternity … bwahahahaha!

bf081f2534d1e9dbcd283e29e55b668fQ:5) You need to feed and board a Muppet for the rest of your life.  Which Muppet are you bringing into your home?  Remember they have a tendency to break out into song a lot.

Well This is going to be tough . I don’t like Muppets a lot but I guess if I had to pick one I’d go with Cookie Monster , because I can both shut him up and feed him with a cookie and it won’t affect my personal cost of living


My Nominations :

Ok now the tough part . I’d have to nominate 10 -20 people and ask questions , The tough part being I know people are busy with their life and all and I know many whom I’ll nominate may have done this award nomination thing before. So I’m just gonna nominate all who I can think of and it’s upto you , If you have done it before , no need to repeat on my account , If you are busy , no need to do it . I can totally understand it.

Yvo @ It’s All About Books

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kimothyxxx @ TheCosyNook

Liz @ CoverToCover


Magda @ Magic of books

Kathleen & Nancy @ Graphic Novelty2

Ashley @ Navigating Neverland

My questions are :

*Q -If due to some miracle or freakish incident You had an opportunity to swap your life with a fictional character , who would you like to swap it with? And Why?

*Q – What is your Favorite Book(s) of all time?

*Q – Did any character from books /TV / comics etc influenced you in anyway, while growing up ?

*Q- Is there a character that you’d like to sucker punch? I mean I know you can’t physically do it , but If you could who would it be ? and why?

*Q- If you were sent on a dare that you must complete , what would you rather do ? participate in bungee Jumping or participating in sky diving or participate in a Bull running contest in spain? or maybe something even wilder and life threatening .

I don’t think I have an absolute best post , so I’m just going to post my recent review of a book and that’s Book Review of Cold Days by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files book 14)