Comic Book Review – Dresden Files : Welcome to the Jungle, by Jim Butcher


Well safe to say that my resolution of delivering one review each week has failed, mostly because Life has gotten in the way and I have been kept away from my books for a long spell . That said I have read a lot of graphic novels in the past and I have thought of reviewing those graphic novels until I manage to finish my present read . So if you were not looking for Graphic novel reviews , I’m sorry for you

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It’s been a busy week for me and I haven’t been reading much , in fact it’s taken me 10 days to reach 190 pages of my present read , Hence instead of doing a book review this week , I’ll be doing a comic book review .

The Lightening Strike Twice was the first story arc post rebirth for the flash and just like the countless other DC Rebirth Titles , It managed to deliver a fantastic story while reconnecting to the core of the Flash as a character .

What I Liked

The plot of the lightening strike twice, is on the surface a very stereotypical story , but deep down it questions what makes Barry Allen so special , it shows what Barry can do and what would happen if Barry decided to someday misuse his powers . Meanwhile the introduction of the new Wally West and Meena as a speedster did create some charming moments for the story . The excess of speedsters made you question why Flash is so special and why Barry Allen as a Flash makes for a much better fit than any other person with the power of flash.Flash acting as a mentor for countless speedsters and in the end a hint of a deeper mystery made the story relatable to the old days of Flash.Meanwhile Godspeed turned out to be a very cool villain , with another speedster with twisted morals and goals as his key character trait .

What I Didn’t Like

The plot although has it’s own merits , it was kind of stereotypical and kind of reminded me of the Static Shock cartoon show on Cartoon network growing up . Although that itself is not much of a problem , I found myself very annoyed by the presence of countless Speedsters . The big villain reveal for Godspeed also wasn’t a lot surprising and very predictable and than the final battle itself kind of felt underwhelming. I was also not a big fan of the artwork , At some panels the art looked really really good but for most times it simply looked a bit awkward .The good panels often involved Flash in the middle of a action sequence so I don’t mind it that much

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW !! Batman:Bruce Wayne,Murderer?(Batman: Bruce Wayne,Fugitive part 1 )


So Here comes the first Graphic Novel Review of 2017 from me and it’s from one of my favorite Batman books . The review will comprise of the 600 paged Batman : Bruce Wayne , Murderer ? and I’ll post the review of it’s follow up ,the 700 paged Batman : Bruce Wayne, Fugitive? sometime in next week.

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Weekend Comic Book / Graphic Novel Review – The Killing Joke


well I sure did miss out on doing this last week just prior to the release of the movie but I was busy and later I forgot about the whole thing and then I was confused whether or not I should post it now .. but finally I said fuck it , lets do this Continue reading Weekend Comic Book / Graphic Novel Review – The Killing Joke

Hyperbole and a Half – A Review about Craziness


Unless you have been living under a rock and / or are Amish or something you must have seen memes of this variety doing the rounds in the internet . Ever wonder where these Memes came from? Of course you haven’t coz who cares where Memes Come from. Right? Well if you do care then this particular Meme comes from the blog of Allie Brosh’s

Highly recommended blog –Hyperbole & a Half . Incase you have just been impressed by my Meme-Know-it-all-ledge than don’t be coz I never knew about the existence of such an amazing blog myself and damn if I ever spent a second worth of my time in trying to know where Meme come from . Then How did I know about the meme? I knew about it thanks to the amazing book by Allie Brosh namesake of her blog Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened

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