BOOK REVIEW – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (HERCULE POIROT #4) , by Agatha Christie


BAMBOOZLED!! I Can not believe that Agatha Christie could come up with such a fantastic mystery back in 1926. I mean , reading those final pages had me stunned , can’t believe this book isn’t given more credit , even now .

Book Succinct:

In a small town , A widow dies , and rumours begun that she may have killed her husband and maybe was having an affair with the wealthiest man in the town – Roger Ackroyd. A couple of days later Roger Ackroyd , learns that said widow was being blackmailed and now he held in his hands , letters revealing the identity of said blackmailer . But before the world can learn of this letter , Roger Ackroyd is killed in mysterious circumstances, inside a closed room and the letters are missing . Luckily for the townsmen there’s a certain Mr. Hercule Poirot in town , trying to spend a peaceful holiday and he’s ready to take this case and make the guilty suffer .

Author : Agatha Christie / Pages : 288 / Ebook / Series : Hercule Poirot / Genre : Murder, Mystery , Detective

What I liked :


1926 . Nineteen friggin twenty-six ! That’s how old this book is . A lot of books , written after 1926 and considered classics, fail to age well enough to make a reader really boast about said book , this was not such a book , and it absolutely blows my mind how well this book feels while reading and afterwards recommending to people.

In fact , staying on the subject of when this book was written , to me ,there were a lot of things in this book , that appeared to go against the usual style and stereotype of the present day mystery novel. And while I can’t really be sure of how the mystery novels from the 1926 read , this book definitely felt as if it broke all kinds of stereotypes and schemes that a regular mystery novel follows , now and even back then. And just think about how impressive it all is , that a Female author from the 1926 , wrote a male detective character and boldly changed every trope that a mystery author follows.

Talking of said Detective , Hercule Poirot is present in this book , in all his unique and quirky glory and this time there’s no Hastings to annoy you. The new narrator has a very similar style in describing all the doings of Poirot and the mystery surrounding things but compared to Hastings this new narrator is easily tolerable .

The mystery itself is just gripping and the finest so far in this series , with so many twists and turns and the final reveal, which I can guarantee 99% of first time readers would find Unpredictable . After finishing the read the first time , I actually decided to re-read the book and knowing how-it-ends made looking for clues very easy and the masterful and decoyed writing of Agatha Christie made me marvel .

What I didn’t like :


I am really finding it difficult to think of things I didn’t like , and honestly , I got nothing . Maybe it’s the euphoria of having just finished this book twice and still be bamboozled by it all that’s making me ignore any flaws .But for me this was a perfect book.

Conclusions :


Honestly the ending plays a big part in realizing just how this book truly is but I gotta say , I was thoroughly entertained and the final reveal was both satisfying and jaw-dropping for me. Of course , I am no master of the mystery/detective novels genre, but for now at least , with my limited exposure of mystery/detective books, I can vouch for this book to be the perfect Murder Mystery.


11 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (HERCULE POIROT #4) , by Agatha Christie

    1. Well this is just the fourth one I have read , and the first 3 did show some signs of aging , but this one was amazing and I am hearing murder on Orient Express is where the real fun is

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    1. Well he is pompous , that’s his thing , but in my honest opinion I found Hasting the annoying one . And the ending to this book, it just blew my mind . I have yet to read any book with such amazeballs ending

      Of course , maybe it’s the fact that I saw a few episodes of the TV show growing up , that makes it easier for me to tolerate Hercule

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    1. Sadly growing up I didn’t read Agatha Christie’s work, my childhood was more comics, Hardy boys , Nancy Drew and famous five , so presently I am trying to catch up and until this book ,I didn’t really get the hype behind this series . But wow this book just blew my mind


    1. Considering the time these books are written , I fully expect the “surprises” failing to impress . But the big reveal in this book had me sitting there with a mouth wide open in surprise

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