Just wanted to let people know If they were wondering about my lack of post or interaction on the Blogosphere .

I have been really busy with work and studies (yes I’m still studying despite being a Doctor , since I’m still not a post graduate and ME WANT!) and to add to that I’ve also been diagnosed to have migraine , for those who don’t know about it ,it means I have like intense headaches once-three times a week and sometimes these headaches make me vomit and sometimes strong light or sound makes it worse.

Basically I am unable to find much of a reading time . So much so that I have been limited to reading only on Sundays , it’s presently me reading 100 or so pages on a single day in the week . I’m still managing to read some comics , but that’s easy since it takes around 15-20 minute for me to read a comic .

This lack of reading time and spare time in general has made keeping up with blogging or doing much of anything apart from working and studying really hard for me . Initially I did have plans to post reviews for books I hadn’t posted before or for Graphic novels and comics but again there simply isn’t much time to spare. Bottomline I don’t expect many post from myself in the coming months and while I’ll still be glancing around in the blog-verse and reading a few blog posts here and there , I don’t expect myself to be as active as before .So forgive me for the lack of activity and hope to see your lovely posts and hopefully things will get better for myself


10 thoughts on “UPDATE!

  1. Good luck with your studies Rash and that really sucks about the migraines, especially as it makes reading hard but at the end of the day reading and blogging are only hobbies and I hope that the migraine issue doesn’t affect your studies as that’s more important than reading.😀

    Damn, you sure picked some huge books with Malazan though to only be able to read a bit, that series will take forever to read! Though……there’s a chance Winds of Winter will have finally been released by then!😂

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Drew , Basically on a diet filled with medications and Tricyclic Antidepressants are keeping my headaches in control for most days but still it is not easy to carry on with my daily activities at this point

      You can’t imagine the pain I felt when I had to shut the book down after learning that Karsa Orlong is a Theloman Toblakai 😭

      Not sure If I’ll be buying Winds of winter, it’s coming out in September and Season 7 of the TV series will come in July , with so many revelation in season 6 I think by the time season 7 ends the whole plot of Winds of winter would have been covered . Not to mention it’s hard to stay away from GOT spoilers

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      1. Oh man, what a way to leave Karsa!

        That’s very true about GoT, we already know lots that’s going to happen from series 6 and series 7 will reveal more, there’ll be no point in reading the book!😂 didn’t know it was finished and coming out in September though? Last I checked he still hadn’t finished it!

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      2. I saw him on a panel (& by saw I mean on youtube ) back in March and he said he was almost done and was pushing hard so as to release the book by September this year and for once he was positive he would do it , but then again there is no release date published so maybe it’s not gonna happen 😦

        I couldn’t believe when I found that about Karsa , I kept thinking he was maybe a Jhagut (they did mention Icarium on a ancient glyphics) but boy when it was revealed I was shocked

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      3. Can’t see it happening, I read last week that he still hasn’t finished it, fed up with people asking, the usual. But, it could be a ploy, we’ve all been waiting for the book for so long, perhaps instead of a release date announced for like 6 months, etc, a surprise release would work better, it’s got all the hype it needs anyway. Just keep it a secret and then bam, Winds of Winter next week.

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      4. It’s like he is not even interested in selling the book anymore , I know for a fact that there are now many like me who are unwilling to spend on his books , whats the point after all when you know every twist and turn of the plot

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  2. Oh Rash! So sorry to hear your battling with migraines! that sucks!
    But… it hasn’t taken away your fighting spirit to keep studying and I admire that… good luck with your work and studies and I hope you’ll get the migraines under control!
    Take care!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Liz .

      I have no other option but to fight for my post graduation, In India it’s a big competitive environment and anyone who snoozes definitely loses

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Nancy

      I’m not in school though , I work at AMRI hospital as a resident undergraduate doctor , I’m preparing for my post graduation. I’ll post reviews but I think the frequency will be less , Maybe One review a month or so

      Once again thanks for the kind words 😊

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