Written as the final story work of the New 52 run , this is a must read for the introduction into what was later the DC universe rebirth

Book succinct:

includes: Superman 51-52, Batman/Superman 31-32, Superman/Wonder Woman 28-29, Action Comics 51-52

Superman is dying. His never-ending battles have finally taken their toll on Kal-El, and with time short he reaches out to unite his friends and loved ones for what comes next. Meanwhile, a new sinister force’s machinations will see to it that Man of Steel will not go quietly into the night, but instead enter into a life and death struggle with another being forged from the very energies of the Kryptonian’s solar flare power now claiming to be the true Superman! 

What I liked :


This story packed a heavy punch as it finally closes the book on the new 52 superman run which was arguably one of the most inconsistent Superman story run in recent memories , but then again which New 52 run (minus Batman by Scott Snyder) wasn’t suffering from same malaise.

This storyline was purely based on the readers emotions as , one might think that it’s a comics and no matter what they call it a hero must at the end of the day live , but the story makes a case that maybe it’s not always the case , I’m obviously not going to spoil whether Superman survives or not but know this that Tomasi makes sure that the story makes you believe that he won’t survive .

It is definitely eye tearing to see Superman realize his time is up and one of the Most powerful being in the comicverse’s reaction to all of this as he comes to terms and prepares his friends and loved ones for life without him.

While the book’s base is all about emotions it also has some solid action sequences with some really nicely drawn out sketches and backgrounds concluding with a fantastic finale and a huge surprise at the end that really sets the stage for DC Universe Rebirth .

What I didn’t Like:


30166187At times the story kinda felt like Disjointed , maybe had they tried making this whole story into a single issue it would have felt more meaningful

The side story involving kara and the antagonist also at most times felt unnecessary and frankly a bit distracting , as a reader I just wanted the story to move the FCUK on and focus more on Superman and less of this horse crap I don’t care about.

In the climax also felt a bit rushed , the whole dealing with the death part for me atleast wasn’t actually stressed as much as I think they could have , instead dwelling on the rubbish side quest.In fact considering the status Superman holds not only at DC but in the Comics world itself this death felt way too underwhelming

Conclusions :


It’s a Must buy people , If not for the event and fate of Supes , atleast for the reason that It is a vital book for starting DC rebirth ergo I once again state the obvious – MUST BUY !!



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