SHORT STORY REVIEW !! Restoration of Faith (Dresden Files origin short story) , by Jim Butcher


So it’s the first short story that Jim Butcher wrote in the Dresden Files saga , this was the story that Jim wrote to prove to his teacher that her suggestion about Jim writing a Modern Fantasy was a stupid idea , fortunately for him , She approved this story for a book series and now Dresden Files is one of the finest Modern Fantasy out there.

Book Succinct :

Harry Dresden is new to this Supernatural PI thing and is working on a missing girl case , problem is He’s found the girl but somehow is now considered the abductor , the girl is a handful and oh just to make things interesting there’s also a Troll hunting for them, because you know Troll eat naughty children.

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What I Liked :


This is a short story and I mean very short , it barely reaches 20 pages and yet manages to convey a varied range of emotions from me as a reader , there’s specially a particular touching scene between Harry and the girl he was saving .

In the short 20 pages we also get a quick insight into what makes Harry Dresden so special , we learn of how his brain ticks and what his morals are and more importantly we find out about the first meeting of Harry and Murphy .

The Battle with the Troll was fantastic as well , since at this point Harry was still a flyweight amidst the heavyweight creatures and wizards in terms of magic , and during the actual battle he himself was fatigued so this battle had very little magic used and the magic that is used is actually pretty insignificant magic in terms of what Harry has in his arsenal , And all this was also entertaining to read .

What I Didn’t Like :


All said and done this is one of the first work of Jim Butcher and it’s no surprise that the writing appears a bit clumsy , even for a short story . I mean , I have always stated that the first 3 Dresden Files don’t really show up much in terms of writing and ergo this one is actually worse .

There is also very little magic used and a lot of cliched plot used which had it been a long novel been actually a eye-rolling experience , but since it’s a short story it doesn’t bother me as a reader much , but it is still there .



Honestly I won’t necessarily suggest it for reading if you haven’t read a Dresden files book yet , I think I’ve seen people say on Goodread that they read this book first as an introduction to Dresden Files and actually liked it , personally I’d say don’t do so because Dresden Files itself is way different in every way possible from this book . So Dresden Fans , this is one to read if you can and non Dresden Files fan , go read the novels first than read this.

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Have you read the Dresden Files, do you plan to?

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2 thoughts on “SHORT STORY REVIEW !! Restoration of Faith (Dresden Files origin short story) , by Jim Butcher

  1. I like that you added the bit of background before the review 🙂 This is interesting stuff, and also thanks to your previous reviews I still plan to read the series so thanks for the heads up on just going for the series first not this short story… 🙂 Otherwise I would have jumped on the short story… who knows what might’ve happened! 🙂

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    1. Well all the Reddit AMA’s and the countless youtube video of Jim talking during various comic-con and book convection have primed with a lot of background infos and trivias to share , glad it came in handy .

      It’s not that I absolutely reject the idea of reading this first , but if one does read it I want them to still try the novels regardless of what opinions they draw from this short story , because this is a lot different to what the actual novels are , specially the book 4 onwards .

      Glad you plan to read it , would be eagerly awaiting what you make of it 🙂

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