Comic Book Review – Dresden Files : Welcome to the Jungle, by Jim Butcher


Well safe to say that my resolution of delivering one review each week has failed, mostly because Life has gotten in the way and I have been kept away from my books for a long spell . That said I have read a lot of graphic novels in the past and I have thought of reviewing those graphic novels until I manage to finish my present read . So if you were not looking for Graphic novel reviews , I’m sorry for you

Book Succinct:

Written by Jim Butcher and Drawn by Adrian Syaf , Welcome to the Jungle is the first comic book  adaptation of the popular Dresden Files novel by Jim Butcher. The never seen before story , Welcome to the Jungle sees the quick witted , lone Wizard in Chicago phone book – Harry Dresden , has been called to the zoo to assist Detective Murphy , on a case involving a dead zoo security guard with a lot of mystery behind the killing and the killing itself reeking of magical shenanigans.

What I Liked :


To star it off , I must address the art. The artwork by Adrian Syaf is really neat . He has done fantastic job by bringing to life the awesomeness of Jim Butcher’s writing into a pictorial view and for most parts he has achieved what most readers were probably hopeful for*.Credit must also be given to Syaf making the visual look so vivid , despite Dresden files story being set in a very dark world.

*or you know , he achieved what I wanted to , i.e a true to it’s original material portrayal of Harry and his friends . Learn something Dresden files TV show.

In terms of plot , Jim managed to make a fine graphic novel story , that remains fast paced , despite the novels written by Jim themselves being fast for a novel , and moving in a comprehensively smooth pattern and filled with many a lot of intense and action filled moments .

What I Didn’t Like:

welcometothejungle3It maybe a fast paced fantasy story but you still need Dialogues to make a comics look great , sadly for a first attempt there’s a lot of cringe-worthy dialogue exchanges and some of the dialogues between characters just come out incoherent at times . It’s not seen always in the book but in majority of the book there is this malign habit .

Also partly due to this dialogue trouble and partly for some other reason the plot seems devoid of both humor and thrilling aspects. One can easily predict who the culprit is by the time they reach the 2nd book of the 6 book comicbook arc*. And for all purposes Dresden Files humour is one of the strongest points of the series . It’s obvioulsy not completely devoid of humor but more often than not the humor is more of a miss than a hit

*or if you prefer the paperback than around 1/4th of the paperback

I also had reasons to gripe about the ending which felt to have been rushed. I don’t know why it happens so often these days , that a story is set up so nicely only to underwhelm because they had to finish in a limited number of issue .

In terms of art there were some awkward facial features in few panels , Murphy’s feature especially were very strange , as in books she was portrayed as a determined , but cute lady . This one had her looking like she is always grimacing for some reason

Conclusions :

For a first attempt to convert the amazing adventures of Harry Dresden this was a commendable, if not the perfect , effort .The fact that this is one of the tales that was referred to in a few books during some passing conversations but never actually published is something that almost every Dresden Files fan would appreciate. I don’t necessarily recommend this book to all hard core Graphic novel readers , but I do recommend it to every Dresden Files fan


5 thoughts on “Comic Book Review – Dresden Files : Welcome to the Jungle, by Jim Butcher

  1. I wonder how I would get along with this GN wihout having read the Dresden file books? would the GN make me want to read the books sooner rather than later or potentially put me off?
    Enjoyed your review. I don’t dabble a lot in GNs though I’ve read some but I never reviewed them in detail as you have done here.

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    1. As i said in the blog post itself , I went into this GN with some bias , considering i have absolutely loved 14 out of 17 Dresden files novel , ergo As far as this GN is concerned I can guarantee a fun GN for Dresden files fans like me , but for someone going as a new reader I don’t necessarily recommend this

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      1. Ok, good to know.. I did read you mentioning it so not sure why I felt the need to ask that again but… anyway…right, I better start eyeing up the books in the series so… ☺

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