BOOK REVIEW: Wolves of Calla (Dark Tower #5 ) , by Stephen King


Stephen King is a world renowned name , even If you haven’t read his work , you must have seen his movies , or even if you haven’t done that you have at least heard of his name*. Compared to what he has achieved I’m absolutely insignificant in this planet and here I’m ready to write a blog that’s gonna tell you how much of a snooze-fest and overrated this book of his was.

*and if even that hasn’t happened to you , well come back to civilization man , stop hiding under that rock of yours .

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It’s been a busy week for me and I haven’t been reading much , in fact it’s taken me 10 days to reach 190 pages of my present read , Hence instead of doing a book review this week , I’ll be doing a comic book review .

The Lightening Strike Twice was the first story arc post rebirth for the flash and just like the countless other DC Rebirth Titles , It managed to deliver a fantastic story while reconnecting to the core of the Flash as a character .

What I Liked

The plot of the lightening strike twice, is on the surface a very stereotypical story , but deep down it questions what makes Barry Allen so special , it shows what Barry can do and what would happen if Barry decided to someday misuse his powers . Meanwhile the introduction of the new Wally West and Meena as a speedster did create some charming moments for the story . The excess of speedsters made you question why Flash is so special and why Barry Allen as a Flash makes for a much better fit than any other person with the power of flash.Flash acting as a mentor for countless speedsters and in the end a hint of a deeper mystery made the story relatable to the old days of Flash.Meanwhile Godspeed turned out to be a very cool villain , with another speedster with twisted morals and goals as his key character trait .

What I Didn’t Like

The plot although has it’s own merits , it was kind of stereotypical and kind of reminded me of the Static Shock cartoon show on Cartoon network growing up . Although that itself is not much of a problem , I found myself very annoyed by the presence of countless Speedsters . The big villain reveal for Godspeed also wasn’t a lot surprising and very predictable and than the final battle itself kind of felt underwhelming. I was also not a big fan of the artwork , At some panels the art looked really really good but for most times it simply looked a bit awkward .The good panels often involved Flash in the middle of a action sequence so I don’t mind it that much