ARC REVIEW!! Teenage Diaries : the Days That Were – by Saurabh Sharma


As is the case with Advanced Review Copies (ARC) I’d like to state that I was approached by the author of the book to read and review his book and a copy of the book in paperback format was provided to me by  the author. I’d also like to state that, My review has in no way been influenced by this generosity by the author.

Book succinct:

Teenage Diaries , is a coming of age story of Ghanshyam aka GK as he comes to terms with the various curve balls that life throws at him , from being bullied at school , to his first love , followed by countless other crushes , first addiction , good friends , Enemies etc etc.

What I Liked:


As far as coming of age stories are concerned , the plot is not very new but the execution is . The usual trend of sequence in a coming of age story is filled with humorous details and narration by the author that makes for a fast paced and pleasing read .

The authors writing itself is one of the best I have read in recent times , it’s admirable and his writing really bought the scenarios in the book to life , making the readers truly experience the varied emotions and thrills of the book .

There’s a slow and steady character development that bore really good results at the end , as we saw the lead character go from a Bullied nerd to a stud and a jerk and the final result that was really well planned , The author managed to make me feel sympathy , hatred , enthusiastic and all sorts of emotion for the protagonist throughout the book which was really fun .

All said and done for me the best feature of the book were the philosophical outlook that the author provided on matter such as friendship , love , relationship , family and life as a whole . These were delivered at various stages as monologues of GK’s thought and at times they were quite lengthy but I read all through them feeling fascinated instead of being dulled by it .

What I didn’t like :


This was truly a wonderful book , but it was a book that was out of my comfort zone of reading material . I consider myself to be more of a fantasy reader more than anything else , but I have never shied away from a good book , regardless of what kind of genre it belongs to. That said Poetry is simply not my taste at all . Poems have a habit of appearing alien dialect to me and I never really grasp or appreciate them and this book had a lot of poetry and shayari and it often made me roll my eyes and I’d be honest after the first few pages I did skip a lot of those .

I am also not a fan of books where author uses big words , it sort of obstructs my reading as I have to search the meaning of the words and make sense of the scenario . This I feel intrusive to my reading experience and this the author was guilty of , of course this is just somewhat a problem of mine only and this may not bug many people like it did to me.

The book also turned a bit predictable towards the end and I was almost expecting the final result with the Armaan – JK relationship , Similarly the whole “BIG ISSUE” between Aneya and JK also turned out to be a bit anti-climatic for me . Finally There were quite a few far-fetched and unrealistic over-the-top scenarios through out the book.

Few Things I like to point:

I’d also like to point a few things out , which i don’t necessarily consider flaws


– 1- there were a few flaws as per me in the story , chiefly how did the Characters get so much booze in a Booze-prohibited state ?

-2- The book used quite a few local language dialogues and slang, that instantly makes it impossible for readers outside India to read and I think the author maybe could have written a few lines explaining those slangs and maybe would have tried reaching to audiences outside the demographics of India , Because I really think this is a brilliant book and deserved more audience .


One of the finest Advanced review copies I have received in last 2 years and with a superb writing , well paced plot and brilliant character development this is one of the best coming of age stories I have read . But of course as per me the book also has a few flaws and not to mention this isn’t a genre that I read too often so that said I do recommend this book to people who like reading this type of book.


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what’s your thoughts on my review or on the book , Have you read the book do you plan to?

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