BOOK REVIEW: Skin Game (Dresden Files #15 ) by Jim Butcher


As of writing this review I have completed one of my 2017 goals and finished reading all the Dresden Files main novels available as of now , and I must admit , while I started the book series a bit skeptical , it has now become one of my all time favorite book series.

Book Quotes:

“Some men fall from grace. Some are pushed.”
Jim Butcher, Skin Game

Once again there may be certain Spoiler elements in this review , so anything written in Red is a spoiler for this book or previous books in the series , so read along to this review very very carefully.

Book Succinct:

Dresden is made to work for Nicodemus, by orders of Mab , as her Winter Knight , to help Nicodemus steal an artificial artifacts from none other than Hades and of course considering the fact that it’s Nicodemus , you can bet whatever the artifact is supposed to be , it’s not going to be a good news in hands of the leader of the blackened Denarius . But as life is with Dresden , that’s not the only trouble he has to deal with .

What I Liked :


As is the usual case , This Dresden Files book, like all of the other books before it , delivers in terms of fast pace , humor , fantastic magical world building , strong character development and most of all an absolutely fun reading experience .

The book also excels in relating previous books events and further develops certain characters into further newer roles . (Butters). Meanwhile there were certain fantastic character returns and exploration of Greek Mythology that really amused me and made me realize certain things in regards to those characters and Myths that I hadn’t done before 

There’s some really emotional moments in this book , probably more than any of earlier books in the series and the writing of Jim Butcher really manages for you to feel those emotions and making these books even more brilliant.

Book Quotes:

“I’d gone with my usual option. I was running through long tunnels filled with demons and monsters and nightmares, because it was easier than going to the gym.”
Jim Butcher, Skin Game

Meanwhile while all the prior books depended on an amalgam of mystery and magic elements ,this book has a mixture of Heist and Magic .This resulted in twists , turns and many double crosses on every step to keep the readers guessing and entertained .The fact that how some of the previous books have dealt with characters meant that readers were also uncertain about many lovable side characters , and I for one was scared that my favorite characters may end up dead in a few pages

Another massive positive was that Butcher managed to show that despite the massive changes Harry has undergone since he became the Winter Knight , he is still the same Harry , this was partly important to re connect the series with those fans who were offended or turned off by the changes in Harry in the previous few books , while not letting newer fans or fans who have appreciated these changes to feel let down either

What I Didn’t Like :


I know that the series is planned to last 6 more books , but it still seems like somehow the last few books have side-stepped some major stories , specifically the matters of the White,Black & Grey Council and the matter of the White Court of Vampires .

There were also a couple of flaws or rather plot holes , not anything massive , very minor issues . This was somewhat surprising since I know that Butcher like Rothfus undergoes a process of Beta readers who help him find and correct flaws in his books , yet I did manage to find a few. That said maybe this is just some kind of planned inconsistency that Butcher has intentionally placed to make use of in future books, I mean it has happened before

Conclusions :

Book Quotes:

“You destroy buildings, fight monsters openly in the streets of the city, work with the police, show up in newspapers, advertise in the phone book, and ride zombie dinosaurs down Michigan Avenue, and think that you work in the shadows? Be reasonable.”
Jim Butcher, Skin Game

And alas now ends my reading of one of the most entertaining series that I have ever read .The series kept improving with each passing book and Skin Games continues that trend to probably be considered one of the best books in the series . The next book has been awaited for the last 3 years  and with no information regarding the release date available so far , it’s going to be a very anxious wait for me . As I’m pretty certain that my skepticism of this book series during the first 3 books have been long forgotten and I have truly become a Dresden-Junkie , a fanatic , an Obsessed fan .

Check this book out on Goodreads for more info

what’s your thoughts on my review or on the book , Have you read the book do you plan to?

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4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Skin Game (Dresden Files #15 ) by Jim Butcher

  1. Appreciated your review of Skin Game. The consensus seems to be pretty unanimous regarding how each Dresden book out performs the last.

    Although, A fellow reader friend of mine said she preferres Cold Days to Skin Game. Regardless, we die hard fans just love us a good Harry Dresden Adventure and will take them any way we can get’em.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment , I’m glad someone liked the blog .

      I think I can understand why someone would rate cold days higher , Cold days was a much darker story with plot suggesting of higher stakes than what happened in Skin Game.

      That said , I’m a character person , and Skin Game was heavily reliant on characters, the things that happened to certain characters and plus introduction of Greek mythology. I just loved it

      Personally Dead Beat still remains my favourite Dresden book , but I won’t be surprised if someone calls any of the book post summer knight the better book , it’s all about what entertains the readers most


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