GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW !! Batman:Bruce Wayne,Fugitive?(Batman: Bruce Wayne,Fugitive part 2 )

The Concluding Chapter of the Fugitive saga , answers a lot of questions and delivers on some points and even brings back some light into the life of Bruce Wayne and yet on many level it falls a little flat in comparison to it’s predecessor which I reviewed HERE!

Authors – Greg Rucka, Kelley Puckett, Chuck Dixon

Illustrators – Devin Grayson, Ed Brubaker, Pete Woods , Trevor McCarthy , Steve Lieber  , Phil Noto , Lonardo Manco , William Rosado , Dave Johnson , Rick Burchett , Roger Robinson , Scott McDaniel , Rick Leonardi , Damion Scott 

Book Succinct:

Bruce Wayne has escaped and a city wide manhunt has begun , meanwhile Batman has returned but he has become more brutal than ever before and this time he is there every time and not just the night time , meanwhile Sasha is still in prison questioning whether Batman/Bruce has abandoned her .Bat family is still trying to prove Bruce innocent something that Batman himself isn’t very keen on doing and there are two sets of evidence one that points to Bruce Wayne and one that points to a set up . The problem No body knows which to believe.

What I liked :

107060The book had a lot of good thing to look forward to as not only was the revelation of the criminal a bit of unexpected the mind behind the set up was really a shocker . But aside from the simple conclusion of the story there were many other good things going for this series .

One of the key things that was specially endearing for this book was the book focused on the possibility of a world with no Bruce Wayne and just a Cold , Calculated and more Effective Batman . The book delves into why the world needs Bruce Wayne as much as it needed Batman and does it spectacularly .

In the end the best thing that the book did was humanize Batman and bring a ray of hope and light back into the character that seemed to have disappeared since the events of No Man Land and Death of Jason Todd and Paralysis of Barbara Gordon .

What I Didn’t Like :

For as good as the mystery , the Humanizing and characterization maybe the book was dulled out for some strange reason and this was done by addition of lots of irrelevant and off topic filler stories . This broke the rhythm of the story one too many time and became quite annoying .

Some of the actions of various characters also didn’t make much sense on many point and the whole Sasha thing was also very weird and abrupt .


The Art was just horrible and inconsistent and I have talked about it in my part 1 review as well , the reason for the inconsistency was the amount of artists used and the story spanning through multiple issues  . The various art styles were very annoying and most of the art styles were actually pretty bad .

Part of the charm behind the book was readers pondering how Batman will get out of this whole mess and then get his name cleared without revealing he is Batman and the first part was done very well but the part about clearing Bruce Wayne’s name was done very abruptly and felt pretty anti-climatic


While the first volume of this epic and lengthy story was very much one of the best plot-wise , this book fell short because of it’s filler stories that kept breaking the rhythm of the book . That said the overall mystery and the key plot was really nice and the story was still very good and I would still recommend the two part books for Batman fans, but compared to how good the first book was, the 2nd one was a little flat and it became a somewhat above average book instead of what promised to be a superb story


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