BOOK REVIEW !! Cold Days -by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files)


Cold Days – By Jim Butcher is the fourteenth book in this popular Modern , Paranormal , Over-the-top Protagonist , action packed , Fantasy tale and this one is probably the best , If you don’t mind that changes and changed status quo .

Just Saying :

Following my review of the last Dresden book (here) ,I was approached by a few fellow Dresden readers and they pointed out that for them the last book wasn’t very good , there reasoning was that they didn’t like that Harry Dresden the Protagonist changed so much , That the secondary characters changed so much.


I actually liked those changes.I do accept that everyone has his/her own opinion and many don’t handle changes so well . So that said the following review is yet again based on my opinion , it’s not been influenced by any one else’s and I definitely don’t think that this is the only opinion that one should have .

Once again , be advised that coming so far into the series there could be some unavoidable spoilers so anything in Red is to be read as a spoiler , you have been forewarned .

Book Succinct:

Harry Thought that Death will finally solve all his problems , he thought that being Alive may well bring new opportunities for him , he thought he could stay the same … well he probably thought it all wrong . Harry is now forced to take up the mantle of the Winter Knight and he is set to work under the thumbs of Mab and he has already been given a task – to kill an immortal , but there are bigger trouble he has to deal with as well which, if he fails , may lead to end of the world .

What I Liked :


It’s yet another fast paced, action packed adventure , with a new role for Harry . The mission he undertook has gotten even more deadlier and near impossible and Harry once again obviously pulls it off complimented by some excellent writing by Jim Butcher that leads to probably one of the best plot in the series as of yet .

While everything that was previously good with the series remains as such this book got an advantage over it’s predecessor in the exploration of the downward spiral that Harry took courtesy of taking up the Winter Knight mantle . Through out the book we see him face not only new deadly physical monsters but also monster withing himself and this struggle was one of the strongest aspect of the book.

Book Quotes:

“I kept a straight face while my inner Neanderthal spluttered and then went on a mental rampage through a hypothetical produce section, knocking over shelves and spattering fruit everywhere in sheer frustration, screaming, ‘JUST TELL ME WHOSE SKULL TO CRACK WITH MY CLUB, DAMMIT!”

Jim Butcher, Cold Days

The supporting cast itself are very entertaining with the changed status quo developed during the previous book remaining intact . This leads to some very interesting character interaction and impact on the story .

Many of the previously established mysteries and details were revealed in the book , chief among them was the role of Rashid & identity of Outsiders , meanwhile newer antagonists were revealed and it was a joy-ride for the whole book with witty dialogues , fun characters , banters galore , mayhem of unprecedented level and fine mix of plot and exposition . But the best part probably was the finale that led to many a new changes that could and probably would impact future books of the series

What I didn’t Like:


Yet again the flaws can be very subjective for the series.On a personal level I just had one problem with the book , that was the fact that in comparison to previous books of the series , this book took a little while to actually reveal it’s key plot and sure it wasn’t much of a big deal for me but it was a little something I considered to be worth mentioning .

Other subjective cons may include the fact that the new status quo for Harry and the other characters developed in Ghost story have now become a permanent thing , and one could very well argue that Harry as a character has changed considerably .

Book Quotes:

“About thirty feet from the door, Molly abruptly stopped in her tracks and said, “Harry.”

I paused and looked back at her.

Her eyes were wide. She said, “I sense…”

I narrowed my eyes. “Say it. You know you want to say it.”

“It is not a disturbance in the Force, she said, her voice half-exasperated.”

Jim Butcher, Cold Days

There’s also the persistent issue of mild misogyny in the series and this time its actually a bit too nasty , but this was in part due to the demand of the story as they were needed to display how the new role of Harry is trying to change him and make him a monster that he had always fought against.

Conclusion :

Overall it was probably the best book in terms of plot and if the finale of Dead Beat wasn’t so awesome I’d have said that this was probably one of the best book in the series . But while those who can’t adjust to changes in their favorite characters may call this book a weaker installment , In my honest opinion this book was fantastic and deserved the Goodreads People Choice award that it received in 2013

9 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW !! Cold Days -by Jim Butcher (Dresden Files)

    1. Hope you enjoy this , For whats its worth the awesome Patrick Rothfus did call it his favorite series of all time , also Lemme once again remind you that book 1-3 can be really rough

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      1. Hope you do because it’s one of the most fun series in Fantasy I have read , Granted I haven’t read many fantasy books but still .

        Fingers crossed that you would come to like the series

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  1. A really great review:). You’re right about the character shift – I really enjoyed the early books and found what Harry is turning into quite uncomfortable, but I fully accept that isn’t necessarily a flaw in the writing but a problem for me, personally.

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