Resolution Post !

resolution-giphySo I’ve seen a lot of Resolution post or Goal Posts* on various blogs , and I thought ‘sure. Why the hell not’.


*football (Soccer) fans , see what i did there 😛

2016 is now considered a pretty bad year worldwide . On a personal level however it was an OK year for me and I did face some adversities ,but I get those every year and if there comes a year that goes with no pain for me ,well I’d be really confused . Reading wise I managed to read around 30 books and over 250 graphic novels (more on those stats here ) . So for 2017 my goals are as listed below .


    • Flexible Goodreads Challenge :

      For this year My goodreads Reading challenge will have 55 books , This challenge will change and will lengthen over time as I keep reading more and more Graphic novels . So when i say 55 books , I mean 55 non-graphic novel books .

    • Read more Indian Authors :

      During the year in review , I found out that I only managed to read 2 books written by Indian Authors. That’s clearly not good and I want to change that and read more works from my fellow country men . That does create some problems for me since mostly Indian authors seem to write cheesy detective mysteries and romance novels these days , neither of which I’m interested in . Hopefully I’ll still manage to read at least 5 Indian Author written books.

    • Read 10 Non-fantasy books:

      Another Trend of last year for me was the usual domination of the Fantasy books , which I must admit is my favorite genre, I don’t expect that to change this year either . However I’d like to read more books from other genres as well ergo I have a goal to read at least 10 books not in the fantasy genre , specially Mystery/Thriller/Suspense genre which I have really come to like lately .

    • Finish Series I couldn’t in 2016:

      During 2016 I wanted to finish atleast 2 of the 3 book series that I like and am in the middle of reading – The Malazan Book of Fallen , The Dresden Files and The Dark Tower Series . I managed to finish none of those , This year I intend to finish all of these . That’s a total of 11 books and around 16,000 pages in total . So finger crossed .

Ensure more regularly scheduled weekly blog posts :

    My blog debuted in 2016 and since than the posts in the blog have been very inconsistent in appearance . This year I intend to post at least 1 post each week & atleast 4 Reviews each month , also atleast 1 Comics/Graphic Novel review each month.


So That’s me for this year , Hopefully I’ll be able to complete these goals . Have a Happy 2017 all 🙂


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