Happy 2017 everyone ! Year in Review

Hello everyone , I’d like to wish all you lovely people a very Happy and Successful 2017 .

I know many of us are happy to see the back of 2016 , with so much miserable things that happened this year , most of the people on the planet were eagerly waiting for the year to end .

That said many good things also happened in 2016 and it’s those memories that we better keep and move on to the new year .

2016 was the year of the inception of my blog and I thank everyone who has followed my blog , read a post and welcomed me in this community . Here’s my year in review to look back at the year gone by in books

TOTAL BOOKS READ : 289 books, Out of these only 25 books were actual novels, and rest 264 books were graphic novels (mostly DC )

TOTAL PAGES READ : 20,484 in total , 10,001 pages of non-graphic novels

MOST DISLIKED BOOK OF THE YEAR : It’s a tie between Justice league Rebirth #1 and Batman: Gotham After Midnight.

If i don’t consider graphic novels , my pick would have to be The girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

MOST LIKED BOOK OF THIS YEAR : I’d have to go with Memories of Ice by Stephen Erikson.


1. Memories of Ice [Malazan Book of Fallen #4] by Stephen Erikson

2. Dead Beat [Dresden Files #7] – By Jim Butcher

3. The Drawing of Three [Dark Tower #2] – by Stephen King

4. Dark Night: A True Batman Story – by Paul Dini

5. Ricochet : Riding a wave of Hope with the Dog who inspires millions – by Judy Fridono




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