BOOK REVIEW – Changes (Dresden Files #12) – By Jim Butcher


So as those who read my reviews, know that I absolutely love The Dresden Files book … But this book … oh my god! THIS BOOK …


….I mean WOW !

Book Succinct:

Susan , Harry’s ex , is back in town and boy ,does she have news for Dresden. Susan tells Harry that they have a child together and to keep her safe Susan always kept her existent a secret . But somehow the Red Court learnt of her existence and has kidnapped her . But what do they actually intend to do ? why haven’t they asked for some ransom from Dresden , as in his life? Is Susan still the same woman that Harry used to love or is she selfish enough to sacrifice her daughter and Harry himself . What’s the play of Gard in all this?
One things for sure , you don’t mess with Family and sadly for the Red Court family they simply messed with the wrong wizards family and there will be repercussions. But as repercussions go this one will come at a price for Harry

What I liked:


I was a big fan of Susan before she was changed and after her changed i thought She became even more Badass character and i truly welcomed her return but now she returns as a mother to Dresden’s child, that he’s never been told about before.This plays out really well for the story and we witness Harry breaking some of his own rules and stepping past the boundary lines that he always held tight to himself and that basically defined him .

Book Quotes:

“The man once wrote: Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. Tolkien had that one mostly right.

I stepped forward, let the door bang closed, and snarled, “Fuck subtle.”

The books name was the shortest and for the first time ever the name of the book didn’t have any pun involved and that in itself legitimizes the title of the book before it is followed by beautifully choreographed story-telling by Jim Butcher .The Title of the book was furthur justified with the story that followed as Harry Dresden , Wizard , warden , private investigator , human catapult actually faces massive changes not only in himself but in his surrounding as well.

The usual witty and humorous dialogues was followed by fast paced and action filled story as is usually the case with a Dresden files book but this time the plethora of cast members is simply huge as Jim Butcher brings in almost every character we have ever met in the series so far and this was linked with some intense character interaction .

Book Quotes:

“Ack!” I said.

Fearless master of the witty dialogue, that’s me.”

Adding spice to this recipe was the many throw backs to pop culture references and various homages and a very emotional final act that was never seen in any Dresden book before . Not to mention the action sequence and the long standing War of Red court vs White council finally moving along instead of staying still like in the previous books

Not to mention the long absence of Susan enabled Jim Butcher to create certain changes in her character itself , that led to many doubts arising about her motivations in the present timeline . These doubts created a mystery of itself and kept people guessing until the final few pages of the book

What I didn’t like :

Very little to groan & moan about here , so I’d be a bit picky here .


This is the first book in the series than ends in a Cliff-hanger , and while the constant wait of books such as Kingkiller Chronicles and A Song of Ice and Fire have made me immune to the annoyance that Cliff-hangers bring , I can understand the anguish of other readers .


Book Quotes:

“If you make some comment even obliquely alluding to menstruation or menopause and its effect on my judgment,” Murphy interrupted, “I will break your arm in eleven places.”

Despite having a career of narrow escapes from his supernatural and real life nemesis Harry returns to find another challenge this time it’s personal and that itself gives a lot of weight to the usually fast paced , compelling story telling of Jim butcher . Personally i still consider dead beat as the best book in the series yet , but this book in a different , Darker tone makes a case for it and for many will be the best in the series . For me This is on near equal footings with Dead Beat . A must read for fans of the series , and a great addition on this already entertaining series


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