I’m Back! You remember me though right?

So after a near 2 month hiatus …


… Over those last 2 months, I gave my post grad entrance exams , which didn’t go all that well , but I’m still hoping for a Clinical selection*. Those two months of working towards my post grad goals have been pretty taxing and I’ve barely spent a second to read a new or old book . All that will change now as I’ll be reading again and partying of course,lots of partying , lots of reading

*fingers crossed.

That said , my blogging speed will take a while to get back on track since I still have some work to do , in the meanwhile I’ve scheduled a couple of posts and hopefully I will gather my rhythm once more . giphy

Thank you to all the lovely people who followed my blog during my absence , hope you like what i post . And thanks to all the people who used to follow my blog and are still here , Looking forward to read a lot and blog a lot … Soon .


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