Hiatus from reading !


Dear fantastic Readers of my blog , I’d like to inform you that I’d be taking a break from Reading books , Reviewing books , and basically any blog activity at least till December

This hiatus comes at a time when my Blog has actually caught some good pace with regular blog posts , New followers (1 month ago i had 18 followers , at the time of me writing this post there are 38 followers ) and new friends on the blogosphere . Much of it is unanticipated as I just wanted a place where I could scribble my views and in turn improve my writing skills . Hence I am much thankful to everyone who helped me enjoy this experience so far and thank you to everyone who followed my blog posts .

As much as I’d love to continue doing what I have been doing and enjoying so much in doing Life has other plans in the coming months I have a huge entrance examination for my Post graduation and following which i have some personal family matters to sort out . Hopefully I will be back soon but sadly there’s no guarantee . But then few things in life have guarantees .

Signing off

Rash 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hiatus from reading !

  1. I’m amazed at how you’ve been able to keep up so far in the first place <3. So massive thumbs up, good luck on your exam and family matters and I definitely hope to see you back when you're done with it all! (and visit Holland when you're in Germany, heheh 😉 ).

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