Need to do more of this – Damian : Son of Batman 2013 – Weekend Comic book review .


So in case any of you were reading my blog when i decided to do Comic Book and Graphic Novel reviews on the blog , I didn’t say I’ll do a ton each month but I kinda did say I’ll do at least 1 a month,you’d realize that my last comic book review was back at the end of July – reviewing Killing Joke .

So yeah , it’s been a while , the problem is that I don’t really enjoy doing Graphic Novels and comics review , because I haven’t read a lot of non-mainstream comics and I don’t think I’m in the right place to review much of comics , In Fact I haven’t read many Non – DC comics either .

That Said I had been nagged to make comics review by my friends and many are still nagging me about the fact that it’s been nearly 2 months since I last reviewed a comic book  . Ergo Here I am reviewing comic book again . A Book that not many have read and one that’s had quite a hefty fan base .

Btw there will be some minor to major spoilers ahead , so any text written in Red indicate the spoilers so do read with this spoiler alert! in mind 🕱 ⚠

Plot Summary:

The Story takes place in the timeline when Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne have taken the mantle of Batman and Robin respectively . The Story proceeds with various events that led to Damian Wayne taking over the role of Batman from Dick Grayson . 

However his version of Batman is the most differing view of Batman than ever before .

All events transpired in a alternate universe ergo none of the events in the book have any consequence on the main storyline .

What I Liked :

It’s no secret that Damian Wayne has a huge fan following among the Bat-fans however I’ve never been one of those crowd . To me Damian has always been the most obnoxious of the Robins ever introduced and I’ve never really liked his views on Crime fighting either . So It was a very interesting read to see how his version of Batman looks like .

Loaded with Kevlar and Brass Knuckles Damian’s Batman is out to kill and doesnt care about the Collateral damage. This is not something that I personally like about the new Batman but I gotta say it did give rise to some really awesome fight sequences . Giving us a look to what Batman had trained for and what he could do if he ever let go of his Moral code.

Despite my severe Dislike for Damian Wayne* at times the issue was very very fast paced and entertaining . Damian had also had a very engrossing relationship with Dick . Dick – who was already more of a prodigal son to Batman than Damian ever has been – was like a big brother to Damian . Damian had more intimate relation with Dick than he had with Alfred and Bruce. And the events leading to him taking over the mantle of the caped crusader led to some very emotional moments for both him and Bruce .

*Yeah I have no intention of coating my dislike with words like reservation , i just Dislike the kid.

What I Disliked :


A lot really , As I’ve mentioned a lot already , I really don’t like Damian Wayne and seeing him in the Caped Crusader felt like someone was putting my bones on fire . Sure you can say that it’s a more subjective con but the fact remains that I have read a few issues where the annoyance that comes with Damian didn’t really matter to me , not the case this time though.

With many fantastic action sequence I was not thinking that this issue could be a slow paced one but it felt like one . There were a lot of dull moments where barely anything happened in the issue . This despite the fact that the story line was only 4 issues long .

Batman rogues gallery is one of the best rogue gallery , if not the best rogue gallery ever and yet there are a few silly character in that gallery and Pyg is one such . In a Issue with the two most favorite characters Bruce and Dick are missing the choice of Pyg as the villain was very odd and it definitely didn’t work for me .

The Ending also appeared way too over-the-top than the story was throughout the issue and that made the pace of the whole story very awkward . Andy Kubert as a author has had plenty of good books in the past , including his run with X-men and Superman in past but this was definitely not a very deep story line and it just felt like a story that the author wants to force you to like despite having very little content the Pencil done is decent the coloring however were very flashy at times and at other very dark making the color tone very awkward .


The obvious attempt with this issue was to make Damian a Legit successor to Batman , which including myself many people don’t agree on . The attempts at showing his growth from the guy who insists on not letting go of his initial upbringing morality from Ra’s – Al – Ghul . The attempts clearly failed and while many say that this 4 issue series was average I would insist and debate you that issue was awful and never deserves a read from any reader be it any reader let alone the huge number of Batman Hardcore fans.


4 thoughts on “Need to do more of this – Damian : Son of Batman 2013 – Weekend Comic book review .

  1. Yay! More Graphic Novel reviews!! I’ve been struggling with them as well. I decided to dedicate my Friday posts to them last year but we all know what happened there as well. Despite the fact that you don’t really enjoy doing them, this was a fabulous review nonetheless :). And ouchee!! I didn’t even know Batman had a son, but I think I’m turned off here as well. I had to giggle at this though: Damian had more intimate relation with Dick. Sounds like a swell guy! :’)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe , I did try to be a bit ambiguous on the intimate relationship thing.

      there’s actually an intentional attempt to make Damian an Arrogant character , because of his grandfather (don’t look it up , if you don’t want a spoiler ) . Apparently it worked a bit too well for me .

      that said there are a few really good storylines involving Damian Wayne . He is actually a fan favorite , it’s just a rare lot who don’t like him , including me .

      Thanks for your kind words regarding the review , Hopefully we both will be able to do more Comic/Graphic Novel reviews

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it sure worked ;). Haha, why on earth would people be a fan of such an arrogant character, though? Hear, hear! If only the comics weren’t so bloody expensive on top of everything else…


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