Top 5 Wednesday #7 – 20th September 2016 – Characters you won’t want to trade places with .


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme from Goodreads, created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey and now moderated by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes.

This Weeks Topic:

September 21: Characters You WOULDN’T Want to Trade Places With
–We always talk about how cool it would be to be a character in our favorite books, but who would you not want to trade places with?

This week’s topic is a bit tough for me , Because although I can easily choose 5 characters I won’t want to be , it’d be hard to explain my reasons for that without going into spoilers . That said here’s me trying still and hopefully succeeding .

My T5W For This Week :

  • 17873567Bartimeus from the Bartimeus Trilogy by Johnathan Stroud: The Bartimeus Trilogy is Dark YA fantasy book written by Johnathan Stroud , Bartimeus the main protagonist (of sort) of the series is a Witty and sarcastic Djinni . In Stroud’s world Djinn are living in a alternate world which is used by wizards from our world to draw these Djinn and other demons and forcing them to work for them. The problem is that every time a Djinn or other Demon is in our world he/she suffers with diminishing power with each passing day , and are basically suffering from Pain . Bartimeus in particular is forced to go on some really fatal missions for his obnoxious master and fighting with creatures that are way more powerful than he is and getting trapped in the human world for very long times , years in fact .


  • 43615Roland from The Dark Tower Books by Stephen King: Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series is widely considered one of the best Fantasy books of all time and granted I’ve only read 2 books in the series so far at the time of writing this blog post I have a distinct dislike for Roland , the main protagonist of the series. Roland is very dedicated in his pursuit for the Dark Tower which has led him to sacrifice even a small child and he still doesn’t realize what he actually expects from the Tower . Roland by all consideration isn’t selfish but he comes very close to being one . In Roland’s world Roland is the very last of his kind but his portrayal in the book makes me wish that his kind didn’t exist at all let alone be one .


  • 409207Any one from the series A Song of Ice & Fire by George R R Martin: GRRM has made one of the most talked about series in fantasy or any other genre in recent times and his characters often live in a very brutal and dark world and these characters themselves are grey , a lot of them a pretty darker shade of grey. With Rapes , Murders, Beheading , Wars , Dragons burning people , tortures , Politically motivated back-stabbing etc etc occuring with really high frequency in the world of A Song of Ice and fire I’d never want to be one of the character in the book (Even as a peasant being mentioned on a passing note in the book) . The World of ASOIAF is simply cruel and the characters mean ,I could literally bet on me not surviving that world for more than a week .


  • 6585201Thomas Raith from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher: Thomas Raith is a very fascinating and entertaining characters from Dresden Files and I really like him as a character but the bottomline is Thomas is one of the most sad characters in the series. Without going into spoilers, Thomas is unfortunate enough to be considered a family disgrace , Degraded by his sister , Hated by the good guys , unable to physically touch the love of his life , and Can’t openly reveal the existence of his brother . Sure Thomas is witty , hilarious and one of the strongest characters in the whole series but he is one of the saddest when it comes to relationship and I’d never want to be him.


  • 8302734Superior Glokta from the First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercombie: Superior Sand Dan Glokta is my favorite character of all time , in fact if there was a play and i was supposed to pick a role I’d pick Glokta , but if it’s the real life I’d never want even my enemies to have such fate as his . Glokta was a decorated warrior who was captured and tortured by his enemy and yet he never caved , but instead of being regarded as a great war hero in his country on his return ,instead Glokta is discarded as a nobody and the aftermath of the torture leave him physically disfigured and damaged , making even his daily physical activities like stepping up a stair or waking up in the morning a big mission for him .To Add more misery he actually follows all this hardship by becoming the most hated and feared man of the world as he’s the legal torturer of the country who will bend every rule to do as he please and get what he want .

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So that’s my T5W for this week ,

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #7 – 20th September 2016 – Characters you won’t want to trade places with .

  1. Great selection! I started off thinking Roland was a major self-centered douchebag as well, but I have definitely warmed up to him after reading the next books in which his past is brought up and you’ll get more understanding of how he became who he is today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll have to take your word for it , just like when you said that the 2nd book will lead me re think of my perspective on first book,

      I do hope you are right I don’t like an annoying protagonist

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Book #4 will be almost entirely dedicated to Roland’s past. A lot of fans hated the side step in the story, but I think it might just be the best book in the entire series (so far).


      2. well I’m delayed on Book 3 for now , been reading your review on it , you said a lot of positive things about the book and yet gave only 3 stars 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. What did you think of me choosing Thomas over Harry? I really feel as Thomas is a Very sad character, many on twitter insist i Thomas isn’t sad he is simply entertaining

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey I used to think the same thing about the dark tower series, in fact i was also unsure of following up on it , but believe me , if you decide to continue with the series the 2nd book will blow your mind … It’s that good , so i do encourage you to at least read the next book before you decide to not go ahead with the series


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