Top 5 Wednesday #6 – 7th September 2016 : Characters You’d Want as Family


Top 5 Wednesday or #T5W is a weekly meme created on Goodreads and you can find them here

The Rules and Guidelines regarding the Meme can be found on here

Now then , The Topic for this week is –

September 7: Characters You’d Want as Family
— You can say this in a broad way or be specific (i.e. _______ would be a cool aunt, ______would be a great older brother, etc.)

My T5W for this week is :

  • kit-harington-maisie-williams-jon-snow-arya-stark-game-of-thrones-bbc-radio-1-interview-nick-grimshaw__optArya Stark from A song of Fire and Ice: I’d love to have someone like Arya as a younger sister , Arya is one of the most fascinating character in the series and having started as a carefree Tomboy She has faced some really harsh realities of life and those have in turn made her more stone hearted and cold . Yet there have always been moments still that suggest Arya is still the same Tomboy who loves her family more than any one . Arya would be real fun to have around with her feisty nature she would be a fun sister and a caring sister as well .


  • dresdentvtimage_7908Harry Dresden from Dresden Files: Ok if you have read Dresden Files you would understand why I’d want Harry as a Elder Brother, he’s hilarious and in the book itself he shows great understanding about his own half-brothers feeling and needs . The banters Harry puts out to even his enemies are simply awesome but his relationship with his brother is for me very desirable to have .


  • kruppe_3Kruppe from the Malazan book of fallen : Let’s face it we are blessed with a uncle or two who are let’s say eccentric with their views and with their behavior , they make you feel very odd around them and when it comes to having a eccentric uncle Kruppe could be the best choice , He’s the definition of eccentric but unlike our uncles he is actually very useful to have , I mean how many uncles do you have that bore you with their eccentricity but are actually in direct contact with Gods and are responsible for shaping the future of the planet


  • samwise2Sam Gamgee from Lord of The Rings : I’d Love to have  a younger brother who admires you and is forever loyal to you , is ready to go on an morbid journey to darkest place of middle earth and be ready to protect you despite his own helplessness . In case you missed it Sam was all those things to Frodo except he wasn’t his brother but I’d love to have a brother like Sam.


  • 234767c0-ef85-0133-2441-0e1b1c96d76bFred & George Weasley from the Harry Potter Series : I Know I know counting both the twins together seems like cheating as that makes my count goes up to 6 and it’s supposed to be Top 5 Wednesday not Top 6 Wednesday But The twins are supposed to be together coz that’s what makes them so cool and hilarious. YOU HEAR ME Ms. J. K . ROWLING ! THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER ! FOREVER ! . And ofcourse they are mean bullies to their younger brother and sister but let’s not forget they are also very caring and brave and ready to break rules to help you if you need , plus having a pair of brother whose silliness takes away heat from your wrongdoings in front of your parents seems like a good thing to have .


Sorry about the uneven Pictures , i have been busy and I’d to upload pics via my phone and it’s hard to edit stuff on the phone .


So What do you think of my pick for this week’s T5W

leave a comment and share your choices or T5w links on comments below

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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #6 – 7th September 2016 : Characters You’d Want as Family

    1. Everybody’s got some Harry potter related Family member ,makes you consider how brilliantly written these characters were that every character is loved by the readers

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