Top 5 Wednesday #5 – 31st August 2016 :Books You Will Never Read


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Now then , The Topic for this week is –

Books You Will Never Read
–Whether it’s from a series that you have outgrown or don’t wish to continue, or they are popular books that just don’t interest you, let us know what you don’t plan on reading.

My T5W for this week :

First up let me just say that regarding this week’s topic i am pretty sure i can never say never to any book and the books in this list may become insignificant in a couple of years as i pick up a few of these books, but i guess these are some books that i don’t think i’ll read in very near foreseeable future but as i said i can never say never

418651. The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer : Look i know there’s a huge fan following for this series but i am not much of a YA fan anyways and i did try watching the movie (the first one atleast) and the whole concept of vampires being all white-ass-creep-stalker-shiny-wimps in not my kind of tea , i like my Vampires to be strong and blood thirsty and the world building also never looked quite innovative in twilight so i am pretty confident i won’t read this .


108188532. 50 shades of grey by E.L.James : Again I am not a big YA enthusiased i rarely read YA and when you add so much … erotica , sorry if i wanted smut i’ll go watch porn or something i want my books to be meaningful and call me conservative but i really don’t understand the whole point of S&M anyways .I Also wached the movie and i was pretty annoyed it felt like a bad comedy and i really don’t care what the book is about i am really not into it .


290560833. Harry Potter The Cursed Child by J.k. Rowling : Now this has nothing to do with YA tag , i have read Harry Potter with a real dedication but with those books there was a world to explore and the stakes were just too high from what i have heard of this books the stakes are no where close to be high and people are simply reading this for sake of getting closure , i had the closure when Voldemort died and Harry lived , i have also read that Harry grows up to be a jerk in this book and i don’t want that image of Harry so No i am pretty sure i won’t read it


248176264. Go Set a Watchman by Harper lee : two decades after writing “to kill a mockingbird” , one of my all time favorite book, a book i grew up with , Harper lee decided to publish this book and i was excited until i read that in this book Atticus is a Big Racist . As i said about Harry Potter i have some fonds memories regarding some characters and i’d never want them to be ruined , i grew up with the image of Atticus as a moral goal . I wanted to be Atticus . and now that memorable character that i adored and held a inspirational view of all of my life was ruined , so i decided that i would never read it . So for me To Kill a Mockingbird remains a standalone and there was never a book by Harper Lee that ruined Atticus.


220265. The Mafia Books by Mario Puzo except Godfather : So this might be kind of controversial by i am not a Mario Puzo fan , i read Godfather and there were many a things that i liked but at the end of the day a good book for me is a book that draws certain emotions from me Godfather the movie and the book both have failed to draw any emotion from me . I read it but i never feel any emotions from any death or any excitement from any event in the book so although i liked The Godfather i won’t be ever reading the other books and certainly won’t re-read The Godfather.


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So that’s my T5W for this week ,

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #5 – 31st August 2016 :Books You Will Never Read

  1. I actually read the first Twilight book years ago and I still want to kick myself for wasting my time… And I definitely agree with you on number two and four. There is NO way I’m reading a 50 Shades book ever and I loved To Kill A Mockingbird too much to want to ruin it with the potentially bad Go Set A Watchman…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed , that book should have never been published the time that it did , but had it published after To Kill a Mockingbird publication i doubt “To Kill a… ” would have been as big a cultural influence as it later became

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeah but i suppose you are nowadays surrounded by peer pressure to read those books , i have seen Jill mention many times that she wants you to read it , best of luck trying to not be pressurized into reading them 😆

        Liked by 1 person

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