The BEST Yet ? Dead Beat (Dresden Files Book #7) – Book Review


Ever since the second book in the series Fool Moon things have somehow turned south in a blink of an eye for Harry Dresden and it had made me believe that Harry the Supernatural investigator is somehow the worlds most unlucky man alive until the last book happened which ended with all Rainbow-farts-jolly-good-sunshine of an ending . But knowing Harry we knew it won’t last forever so.. we now finally Return to the your regular scheduled telecast of Harry’s miserable life .

Book Succinct:

There’s an entire world that exists alongside the everyday life of mankind. There are powers, nations, monsters, wars, feuds, alliances – everything. Wizards are part of it. So are a lot of other things you’ve heard about in stories, and even more you’ve never heard of…Vampires. Werewolves. Faeries. Demons. Monsters. It’s all real.

Harry Dresden knows full well that such creatures exist. Paranormal investigations are his stock-in-trade, and Chicago is his beat as he tries to bring law and order to a world that exists on the edges of imagination. Luckily Harry’s not alone in this struggle. And though most inhabitants of the Windy City don’t believe in magic, there’s a department that’s been set up within the Chicago PD to deal with “strange” cases: the Special Investigations department.

Karrin Murphy is the head of SI and a good friend of Harry’s. So when a deadly vampire threatens to destroy Murphy’s reputation unless Harry helps her, he has no choice. The vampire wants the Word of Kemmler and all the power that comes with it – but first Harry has to determine what the Word of Kemmler is. Now Harry is in a race against time – and six necromancers – to find the Word before Chicago experiences a Halloween night to wake the dead.

– source: Goodreads

What I liked –


Now i  have recounted the number of things that i like about the dresden files series and needless to say they are ever present here , except this time they are geared up a notch. So when you expect action in Dresden files you expect some really insane action , you want humour? get ready to have a few fits of laughter , you want the plot you get INTENSE PLOT

It’s the 7th book of the series and Jim butcher maintains his superb world building and giving us a peak on how the Wardens – the Supernatural Police are working and how bad the war is going on . Meanwhile Jim butcher also follows through on the events of Blood rites and there’s a fascinating cast of recurring character who appear to steal the spotlight off of Dresden on a few occasions .

Book Quotes:

“Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar”

The banter between Harry and his co-characters are hilarious , entertaining and informative and now harry has to have banter with voices inside his head as well , which not only makes the reader question about which side of Sith-Jedi index Harry falls into but also question Harry’s sanity

The Finale however steals the show with so much action and one of the most unique method that Dresden uses to get out of the way , The introduction of characters like Butters whose eccentricity makes for many a hilarious situation and Ramirez really brought something special for the book .

What i Didn’t like :


Very little if anything to be honest .

Book Quotes:

“In the action business, when you don’t want to say you ran like a mouse, you call it ‘taking cover.’ It’s more heroic.”

There was a visible growth in Harry’s character and he hasn’t left his sexist side completely aside but he doesn’t use it much and when he does he addresses everything that’s wrong with it .

Conclusions :

This is by far the best work of Jim Butcher and reading it was ever so entertaining , There’s very little that i could say about why this book was special without giving away spoilers but know that once you have read the book you would not be able to control yourself from shouting “Polka Will Never Die!” . Dresden Files started as a guilty pleasure but by the time i have reached this book in the series it has become one of the most entertaining series i have had the pleasure to read and with it , the series has developed strong re-readability factor that i don’t really associate with many books . Read it just for the sake of having a good entertaining time and remember – “Polka Will Never Die!”

Book Quotes:

“Polka will never die.”

Have you read this book? Do you agree or disagree?

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13 thoughts on “The BEST Yet ? Dead Beat (Dresden Files Book #7) – Book Review

  1. So you’re saying everyone should read The Dresden Files? 😉 I’ve got a few of the graphic novels I believe, but don’t know if I should start with the normal books first. What would you advise?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hard to say , i started reading the books first and i found the first one (after being lent a copy by a friend) to be average , 2nd and 3rd one to be really bad / below average & i was about to quit the series and then i saw Patrick Rothfus on youtube(during unveiling of his “slow regards” book) speaking about how this book became brilliant after the 3rd book and i found that he was right , i haven’t read the graphic novels but i guess for the 2nd and 3rd book atleast the graphic novels would be good , personally though i would recommed the books after the 3rd part atleast they are awesome and Dead Beat is the best of them all

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      1. well i think you must read the first book to get to know how the magic system works , and that’s one of the best thing about the series , the 2nd book introduces a few side characters that are useful in later books and the 3rd book starts a huge Story arc

        i can suggest go for the 1st book , then read graphic novels of the 2nd one and if it exist third one , but you must read the 1st and 3rd one

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Noted! 🙂 I’ve been reading enough crappy books lately to waste more time on one, but skipping book 2 and replacing it with the graphic novel sounds like a wholesome plan Stan! Thanks for the advice! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. just had to check it on Youtube since i haven’t seen the LOTR movies yet , i read the book when i was 16 but i am yet to see the movie which came out 1 year after i read the book

        Gotta say i definitely approve that music 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. GASP! Never seen the movies yet *shakes head*. They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard! 😀 The soundtrack is fabulous. It was just a cheap move to use the same music again in the Hobbit.

        Liked by 1 person

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