Top 5 Wednesday #4 – 24th August 2016


Top 5 Wednesday or #T5W is a weekly meme created on Goodreads and you can find them here

The Rules and Guidelines regarding the Meme can be found on here

Now then , The Topic for this week is –

August 24th: Books You Want to Read Before the End of the Year


My T5W for this week :

1.19486421 Skin Game (Dresden Files #15) – Presently reading the 10th book of the series I have become a huge fan of the Dresden Files series . Based on the adventures of Wizard detective the series has created a very interesting world and has a very unique system of Magic . The series has always delievered as a fast paced, action filled, humor and witty Modern Fantasy title and is a sure recommendation


2.55398House of Chains (The Malazan Book of Fallen #4) Malazan Book of fallen are the best written Fantasy books ever with a mystical world built around various unique characters,creatures and gods , Malazan Book of fallen have been the benchmark for epic fantasy genre . I have been able to finish three of the fine books of the series and the 4th i wish to finish before the end of the year , it sounds easy but when the number of pages in each book crosses the 1000 page mark it’s hard to do


3. 5091Dark Tower (the Dark Tower series Book #7) The Dark Tower books have been glorified as one of the finest Fantasy work and being written by Stephen King makes them even more popular, however i had a particularly bad experience while reading the first book and i had seriously considered not reading the series ,but then they announced a movie and one of my friends seriously convinced me to finish the book series so having read just one book i am 6 books away from reaching this book and hopefully i can finish it before year ends


4.228665 Eye of The World (Wheel Of Time #1) I like to call myself a fantasy fan and yet when it comes down to it i have read very few fantasy works , one book that i have long anticipated to read is Eye of the world and luckily i received this book as a birthday gift but sadly i have yet to pick it up and read it as i am presently involved with other series but i do intend to read it before the end of this year


5. 140671The Black Company (The Chronicles of the black Company #1) : Another book that i have long desired to read but sadly i haven’t been able to track down a book shop to buy this and i really wanted to buy it in physical form but now i have finally given up and decided to Kindle-it so that’s another fantasy masterpiece i want to finish in the next 3 months or so



[all book cover images are click-able and will take the readers to the Goodreads page of the respective books ]

So that’s my T5W for this week ,

share your T5W in the comments section below

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #4 – 24th August 2016

    1. As I said I absolutely disliked the first book in the series so I have been procrastinating the 2nd book, guess I will have to read you reviews on the book
      Thanks for the follow 👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I wasn’t sure about the first book either, it seemed like one big long riddle. But now that I’ve read the whole series I appreciate the first book much more. Try to stick with it, I think it really is phenomenal and hope you think so too in the end 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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