Back on the Good sides of things – Blood Rites (Dresden Files book #6 ) Review


“you can do anything , but never go against the family” – Godfather, Mario puzo

So apt a line , especially for someone like Harry Dresden , a man who has always learnt to live a lonely life , a life with no family , some friends ,but surely no true blood-bound family and yet those having those blood-bound family are asking for Harry’s help to go against their own Blood-bound Family.

Book Succinct:

Per usual, wizard-detective extraordinaire Harry Dresden is in trouble. He barely escapes an assassination attempt, courtesy of the Black Council of vampires, when Thomas, a vampire who has helped Harry out on occasion, asks him to take a case. It seems someone doesn’t want porno film director Arturo Genosa’s latest effort to get off the ground. An entropy spell has killed two of Arturo’s assistants, and Thomas wants Harry to find the culprit. With suspects abounding–Arturo has no fewer than three ex-wives–Harry decides to pose as a production assistant at the studio. Though he isn’t able to stop another sabotage attempt, this one threatening an actress’ life, he does save the young woman. With danger closing in, the last thing Harry needs is a sexy succubus and a surprising revelation about his heritage. Filled with sizzling magic and intrigue as well as important developments for Harry, the latest of his adventures will have fans rapidly turning the pages

– source Amazon

What I Liked:


The book had so much going for it , with the usual dose of action , witticism, sarcasm,Humour , protagonist-in-a-mess scenario etc. the book introduced a much needed angle in Harry’s life . The whole Legion of porn-sorcerer commiting crimes angle was very amusing considering how stiff Harry has always been portrayed in past books when in comes to matter such as porn and public display of affection .

The humor has always been one of the key ingredient for the success of this book and those were present in full force in this book , and after dissapointing on that front in the previous book Jim butcher really did deliver the laughs with some impecable timing .

The plot was also very well thought out and the climax and finale really well played with another really perilous situation which Harry deals with very well by use of his intelligence, cleverness and power .

Book Quotes:

“Are you always a smartass?’

Nope. Sometimes I’m asleep.”  

After being benched for the last issue Murphy was a key member in this book as we also start to focus on her relationship with Harry a little deeper but in doing so thankfully the author refrained from making Murphy a damsel-in-distress but in antagonism actually made her more of an badass .

The introduction of Ebenezer , Mouse, lasciel and Lara wraith was simply wonderful and seems like another couple of fantastic addition to whats been an already impressive list of ally/foe list .and also making the myths of various creatures of the world of Dresden more interesting

What I Didn’t like :


sadly the sexist spectacles are back on ,which the author actually addresses in a few tongue-in-cheek moments , very much breaking the fourth wall of the book . There was also the whole issue with erotica that i wasn’t a fan of and when you consider that the story revolves around a porn-studio murder you can’t escape the erotica making it a strictly Rated-R book

Book Quotes:

“The building was on fire, and it wasn’t my fault.”


Much of what i disliked in the book can be defended upon and ignored . With the sexist view being something of a Character flaw that Jim butcher created for Harry and with each issue in the series we keep seeing Harry grow out of it without ever realising that he was infact sometimes a bit of a Sexist meanwhile considering the whole plot revolves around a murder scene involving a porn set the erotica was unavoidable and infact this whole scenario made Harry very uncomfortable on many a situation which in turn led to many a amusing and hilarious moments .

Book Quotes:

“Ignorance is more than bliss, it’s freaking orgasmic ecstacy!”

All in all this was one of the better books of the series and a definite recommendation for the readers of the fantasy, sci-fi and action genre  , ofcourse to read this you might have to bear atleast 3 bad books and 1 cliched one at the beginning but believe me , it’d be wroth it


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