Top 5 Wednesday #3 – 10th August 2016


Top 5 Wednesday or #T5W is a weekly meme created on Goodreads and you can find them here

The Rules and Guidelines regarding the Meme can be found on here

Now then , The Topic for this week is –

Authors You Are Waiting on Another Book From — These are your favorite authors who you want to write another book but haven’t yet. Or they are writing something, but no title or synopsis has been released and it isn’t coming out until 2018. Try to keep this to authors who haven’t announced anything concrete about a new book, not authors that have a highly anticipated release coming out before the end of 2016

MY T5W :

  • Patrick Rothfus : Patrick Rothfus is arguably the ne108424xt big deal and most hyped Author in the fantasy genre in this day and age and his work with Kingkiller’s chronicle has made many a fantasy fan squeak with joy and compare his books to even the mighty J.R.R Tolkien . The 2nd book in the kingkiller chronicle “The Wise Man’s Fear” came out way back in 2011 and later on a side book and news of an ongoing discussion for a movie and tv show on the book has kept the series in news but the third and final book is as of yet elusive


  • George R. R. Martin : Well346732 this should come as no surprise as the now Household name of George R R Martin has written in “A Song of Fire and Ice” probably the best fantasy series ever written , the only concern however is that with the long delays in the appearance of the book the novel will likely be overshadowed by the TV series , George infact has lagged so far behind his writing schedule that the events set to transpire in the much anticipated 6th book “Winds of winter” have actually been portrayed on the TV screens making many wonder and question themselves whether or not they would spend money to read the next book . I am no different as much has been revealed in the TV show and many Characters curious fates in the books have been revealed and yet the more I think about it the more I realise that the writing of the book is far superior than what I see on TV and that alone will lead me to a bookstore to buy his next work


  • Jim Butcher : I love268171 Jim Butcher’s work and especially “Dresden Files” it’s filled with action , makes an interesting setting on magic and it’s functioning , the world creation is amazing and is absolutely hilarious in the use of sarcasm and one-liners. There’s also a lot of flaws and the first few books (3 -4 to be exact) can be absolutely brutally ripped apart and yet the show has made me fall in love and despite being on the 9th book of the 15 book long Action-Modern Fantasy-paranormal Series I can’t wait for the 15th book . Generally Jim Butcher manages to keep his deadlines and we get a Dresden File every year but the last book in the series came in 2014 and with no release date announced for the next book I am simply waiting .


  • Anthony Doerr : I have not read muc28186h of Anthony Doerr books but I managed to read “All the Light We Cannot See” before it became the big thing that it later became by winning Pulitzer for fiction. It was one of the best Historical fiction book that I ever read , and granted I haven’t read a lot but it was brilliant . in fact you can read my review on the book clicking here. There’s been no announcement that I know of about a new book from Anthony Doerr but I can’t wait to read his next work whenever it arrives .


  • Andy Weir : Another Author that I didn’t know abou6540057t before I came across the trailer of the movie of his book , I quickly bought and finished the book very quickly being the fast paced book that it was and filled with the hilarious dialogues it just made me love it more . I am a sucker for characters who are funny , Tyrion Lannister, Harry Dresden , Kruppe being few characters to mention in the same vein . Andy Weir did also a fantastic job in his sci-fi novel Martian by paying attention to details and make realistic scenarios and explaining them very well to the readers (this reader especially) there’s been various rumours about his next book but nothing official so again waiting eagerly.

So that’s my T5W for this week , share your T5W on the comments section below or simply comment on who you are waiting for .

Also do give your valuable inputs on what you think I can do to improve this blog or if you have any criticism or approval of my blog .k

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #3 – 10th August 2016

  1. I don’t think I have read anything by Jim Butcher yet, but I completely agree when it comes to the other four authors. The Name Of The Wind, A Song Of Ice And Fire, All The Light We Cannot See and The Martian are all on my list of all time favorites! 🙂

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    1. glad to hear your approval 😀 , Jim Butcher has a huge fan following and at the same time a huge Hater following as well , give it a try the magical system he has created is really fascination but beware the first 4 books are kinda bad ,it picks up after that though

      Liked by 1 person

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