ARC review of A Perilous Question by Barry Finlay

Let me start by saying Thank you to Mr. Barry Finlay and Book Tasters from twitter for allowing me an opportunity to read this book in return of an Honest review . Now here’s the Promised Honest Review .


Strong, independent and divorced Marcie Kane is on a much needed vacation in Tanzania, Africa when her enjoyment of everything the country has to offer is shattered by one simple question posed by a teenage girl: “When are you taking me to America?” Harmless as it may seem, Marcie realizes that this question posed to the wrong person could spell disaster for the girl and her friend. Her fears prove to be well founded. When she inadvertently discovers the girls are victims of an international human trafficking ring in, of all places, her home state of Florida, her attempts to help quickly spiral out of control with terrifying consequences. Will any of them make it out alive?

(source Amazon)



This was the first work of Barry Finlay that I ever read and was surprised to later learn of his achievements in his as of yet brief spell as an Author , Mr Finlay has as of the moment of me writing this review has written 3 highly acclaimed books with “A Perilous Question” Being the 4th book , of course I’d like to say that high achievements of an author means nothing when it comes to how good the book you are reading actually is , however this book definitely made me feel that it just might .

Following the story of Human trafficking and the booming yet dark business prevailing in this world the author managed to portray a very morbid scenario that shed light on the corrupt system and poverty that allows some 3rd world country ,such as Tanzania in this book , to become a haven for Human Traffickers . The book managed to detail a very detailed if sometimes disturbing realities of the blackest of the business that feeds on the hopes of young and ambitious .

A Perilous question generates apt amount of sorrow for the aphotic subject but makes the story filled with action and thrills to keep the reader entertained and not be entangled in the disturbing realities of the world we live in .The writing in the book is very smooth and really makes the reading a vivid imaginative experiences as the details and description form easy pictures on your brain. The first arc involving Ms Marcie’s misadventures in Tanzania were especially entertaining and gave a real insight on the character of Marcie and some really nice badass moments for her as well.

Barry’s lead protagonist Ms . Marcie especially comes out as a respectable character if somewhat fluctuating one at that . Marcie becomes Badass on one arc of the book only to turn naïve and foolish in the other , it was also odd to relate to her sometimes when the gears in her brain were planning on a possible date and flirting with a handsome man after just having witnessed a dead body . Being a guy who always likes to take interest on his character this kind of bummed me out but not enough to put the book down

Barry also sadly didn’t spare any pages to create more character depth to some of his sides characters which later led to some pages on the book seem completely irrelevant . There were also one convenient coincidence too many in this book , which of course led to  a smooth plot progression but also made it feel a bit odd . The book maintained a good plot pace and it really turned out to be a page turner. The big reveal about the main culprit did came out disappointingly predictable and the final moments of climax also were clichéd



The book has some obvious flaws but in my honest opinion those shouldn’t be a major set back for either the reader or the author as the beautifully crafted portrayals and the adventures of the protagonist as well as the quick pacing and the disturbing truth of human trafficking detailed in this book make it a must read and makes this an obvious book recommendation from me

(click on the images above to go to the amazon links for the book and buy it, it’s totally worth it)


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