Weekend Comic Book / Graphic Novel Review – The Killing Joke


well I sure did miss out on doing this last week just prior to the release of the movie but I was busy and later I forgot about the whole thing and then I was confused whether or not I should post it now .. but finally I said fuck it , lets do this Few things in life can be guaranteed one of them being Alan Moore writing awesome , thought provoking , morally ambiguous and innovatively unique graphic novels and it was no different with The killing Joke .


Written by Alan Moore released in the year 1988 and beautifully illustrated by the mighty Brian bolland* The killing Joke features the Dark knight facing his old nemesis Joker again but this time things are going to get a lot darker and the boundaries will be pushed. For all purposes let me warn you right now that the following paragraphs will have various forms of spoiler regarding the book and in turn the recently released movie. So if you intend to watch the movie or read the graphic novel than better bookmark this blog post and re visit it after you are done watching/ reading the Killing Joke .

*and honestly if you don’t know who Alan Moore and Brian Bolland are , be ashamed of your graphic novel knowledge and go read their respective works ASAP.

PLOT + Review + Spoilers ahead ! (FINAL WARNING)

The killing Joke details the events that had massive impact on the DC universe forever as we see that The Maniacal monster Joker has managed to get himself out of the Arkham asylum again and while Batman and Commissioner Gordan are well aware of the looming Threat due to Joker nothing has prepared them for what Joker has in plan this time .

Joker sets in motion his devious plans as he knocks on the doors of an unexpected Father – Daughter duo and the Daughter being welcomed on the Door by Joker with a gun shot straight at the spine . The Daughter being none other than Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl and the Father a Helpless Commissioner Gordon.

Chaos follows as the exact events that followed remain a myth as Alan Moore portrays some disturbing images that may or may not be indicative of physical abuse of the worst kind  on a paralysed and helpless Barbara and a kidnapping of Commissioner Gordon by the maniacal Clown and all this while also getting flashbacks about a guy who makes a wrong choice following a bad day that leads his life to supposedly become what is now the life of JokerUntitled-1

Much of What Joker ever does remains a mystery that none can solve but this time he does all this to prove to Batman that even the best of souls could be pushed beyond the edges of sanity when they encounter themselves and their loved ones in the middle of a really really bad Day .It’s later revealed that the previously depicted Flashbacks on the Jokers background may not be his after all and just a figment of Jokers twisted imagination. Batman manages to rescue a sane Gordon but sadly Barbara’s days as batgirl have ended and she is left paralysed for time unseen and the last page of the book showing Batman laughing like a maniac while Joker losing his laugh .

Alan Moore always does the unorthodox so no  surprise that he went ahead and ended the crime fighting days of one of the most popular female character of all time , He also manages to create stories of Jokers origin and the interaction of the Joker and Batman’s relationship with each other and then there are the multiple ambiguous displays from the author like whether or not Barbara was raped , whether or not Joker finally manage to push batman’s sanity to the edge and beyond and finally Did the Joker’s laugh die at the hand of Batman.

With one of the most beautifully drawn and coloured works from DC during the 80s and the added genius of Alan Moore produced a truly dark and thought provoking a revolutionizing work of DC as Alan Moore left much to the readers imagination and yet portrayed the will to fight and survive amongst the worst of days by a mere human were truly a storke of genius . In hindsight the movie while remaining true to the graphic novel in the 2nd part of the movie did stain the brilliant work that Moore and co put in with what they did in the first part of the movie .








7 thoughts on “Weekend Comic Book / Graphic Novel Review – The Killing Joke

    1. You should infact you should go right ahead and read everything Alan Moore wrote for DC and Vertigo , after all he was awarded the title of “world best Graphic Novelist” for a reason 🙂

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      1. :O OH EM GEEE !! how come you don’t like Batman?

        I am a huge Batman Fan-boy so forgive my over enthusiastic reaction , but I have said it before will say it again “to each his own”.

        I like the dark tone of Batman and the fact that he’s the only “super”hero without any superpowers , also the characters involved are most realistic I have ever found on any comics

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      2. oh don’t worry I understand , everybody has his/her taste, can’t have everyone liking same stuff , life would be too monotonous then 🙂


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