Top 5 Wednesday #1 – 27th August 2016


This is my Debut for the meme created on Goodreads , the link to whom you can find by clicking on the image above or right about here

The Rules for the Meme are as follows :

1. T5W is open for ANY type of book reviewer (youtube, blogs, instagram, tumblr, etc.)

2. The official hashtag for Top 5 Wednesday is: #T5W, but other alternates is definitely fine.

3. When uploading your video/updating your blog etc, if you can, it would be super helpful if you linked this Goodread’s group. That way potential T5W-ers will be able to find the group easily if they are interested in joining!

4. It is OK to skip a week if you can’t think of any or don’t like the topic. I always get questions about people not knowing what to do because a topic is difficult. Just skip it and join in the following week πŸ™‚

5. Speaking of topics, and while I really don’t have control over this, but really try not to twist the topic to your own liking. I just say this because in the past I’ve seen some topics changed to the poster’s liking only to see that “twisted” topic end up being a topic in the following months. I’m just looking out for you all!

6. Topics for the following month are posted the last Wednesday of the current month.

The Topic for this weeks T5W is – July 27th: Most Unlikable Characters
— NOT VILLAINS! These are protagonists or side characters that are unlikable! (These should lean more towards characters who aren’t intentionally unlikeable. Not villains, or mean girl/guys, etc.)

MY T5W : in no particular order these are my 5 most unlikable characters

  • Abercrombie_BladeItself-TP1Jezal dan Luthar : Jezal Dan Luthat a supposed Protagonist from the First Law Series was a young and Wealthy Nobleman from Union who has optained a high rank and reputation amongst the citizens of Union all thanks to being Wealthy and of Noble heritage . Jezal is a shallow , Naive and Self-centered man and gains instant dislike however as the story of the First law trilogy proceeds his characters develops and in the end garners a lot of pity and sympathy , That Said he remains one of my most hated character who is full of arrogance and selfishness and in the end comes across as nothing other than a mere coward


  • deadhouseFelisin Paran : A citizen of Malazan , Felisin was a noble born girl and started as a sweet soul, She was rich , naive , prettier than most and too soft for the world of Malazan book of fallen . Felisin was later jailed by the Empress of Malazan which led her to make some decisions which will take every thing that was good natured of her and made her into a sour and miserable person . Granted the reasons for her change in behaviour were justified but Felisin’s fall from Grace made her one of the most unbearable characters to read with her constant bickering and venomous thoughts towards people who had nothing but her good in their mind . I still have to read the complete series of Malazan books so who knows maybe there’s redemption in store for her.


  • 113436
    Β Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle) i Can’t even start to begin my hatred for this series as a whole and then there’s the main protagonist Eragon , Derived from Plagiarism from Lord of the ring . Eragon was the first Dragon rider of the world of inheritance Cycle and managed to accidentally accomplish a few feats through no talent of his own which led to people actually calling him a hero , meanwhile all our so called Hero does in the whole series is have psychic conversation with his dragon and trying to hit on the elven lady . Eragon simply comes across Lame


  • 22557272Anna Watson – There are a lot of contenders in this book to be hated , and i could genuinely say that there’s atleast a couple of characters that i hate more than Anna Watson and yet because i don’t want to go into Spoiler territory i pick Anna , A Beautiful , Successful , Independant girl , who knowingly wrecked the house of a married couple and later instead of any guilt or empathy for the women whose life she ruined the only emotion Anna develops is one of hatred , disgust and Mockery . It just felt horrible to read about such a person and more so because these type of people actually exist in the real world



  • 10664113Ramsay Snow –Β The Final Selection comes from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy Masterpiece (The only book in this article that I haven’t yet reviewed on the blog). With the brilliant and highly popular series most people are well aware of who and What Ramsay Bolton was starting out as the bastard born son of Roose Bolton the Man was only looking for recognition from the world and most importantly from his father Ramsay was pure evil with his action not being a reaction of any past misgivings but being called a bastard . Ramsay’s Fate is now a well known event for many thanks to the TV show and I must admit I was sad because no matter how good it felt to watch his fate unfold on TV it would have been way more entertaining to have read it in the words of George R R Martin’s elusive 6th book



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday #1 – 27th August 2016

    1. i have always seen characters from A Song off Fire and Ice as Grey , rather than simply a Villain or Hero but i guess once Ramsay killed his father he is a villain , i really didn’t have any other choice of character though , i could have gone for Bayaz but than i would have had to venture Spoiler territory to explain why

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