Weekend Comic/Graphic Novel review – Forever Evil


Ok then , as I promised here I am writing a comic / graphic novel review , However let’s go ahead and first address a few issues shall we ?

  • In contrast to what I had earlier said about doing reviews of ongoing titles I am going to do titles that have already been published and have completed their sagas the reason being that with DC Rebirth and Marvel Now* doing reboots and revamps to their titles none of the ongoing storylines have managed to complete their respective sagas which makes for a drudging effort for me to do a weekly review , if you do want a weekly review to follow my weekly reviews on Goodreads.
  • i won’t be able to do a detailed review so expect the comic reviews to be shorter than what my regular review are , ofcourse that rule doesn’t apply on this review as we had a lot to talk about

*not to mention Marvel actually keeps rebooting their titles every freaking year , Marvel now actually came in less than a year after their previous reboot , granted DC comics are doing better than them in comics but still it’s like there’s no continuity or any so called “on-going” titles in marvel anymore


Now of to this week’s review , I thought of the countless comics I could do a review of but I thought i’d like to make a close to the Rebirth DC review and that means I could do a review of the massive DC rebirth Issue but to do that I had to do a follow up comics review and the comics that linked closely to rebirth so I decided to go with Forever evil


Forever Evil was part of a crossover event published by DC in 2013 and lasted till early 2014 . It tied up to the main DC comics plots at the time and involved some major significance to the ongoing and future titles . The Forever Evil titles were a follow up to events of Trinity wars* and the Forever Evil storyline involved a lot of side reading issues focused on various villains and their personal missions , including Penguin , suicide squad , Bane , scarecrow , The rogues , Gorilla Grodd and many more . For the purpose of this review i’ll only focus on the Forever evil storyline and not on these individual storylines

*considering Trinity wars i realize that infact the base of Injustice league is actually linked to the very first Justice League comics in New 52 but i can’t go there atleast not now so Justice League and Trinity Wars review will come later sometime

  • Written by the brilliant Geoff Johns, the immense Peter Tomasi , Brian Buccellato & Sterling Gates Forever Evils details the events following Trinity war when the members of Justice League , Justice League of America and Justice League Dark all are defeated and vanished from the planet earth to a unknown place while a Justice league featuring members similar in power to the original member but with different names and definitely different Morality take over the planet earth and call it open season for all the villains .
  • Calling themselves the crime syndicate they recruit all the villains of the planet to help them take over the planet. It’s later on revealed that these were Heroes(?) from different multiverse, and to be more specific Earth-3 where these supposed Superbeings  had made total domination their motto and had led their Earth to total annihilation from a being of immense power and are actually in the Earth prime now in order to not only rule over it but also to escape this unknown being
  • In the absence of the heroes that were always taken for granted to save the planet and rescue it’s inhabitants the planet falls in total chaos as crime soars and lives don’t matter and in all this chaos few supposed evil members of the planet stand up in order to stop the reign of chaos . Enter Lex luthor , captain Cold , Black manta , one surviving member of original justice league , Sinestro and few others who form an Injustice league and set out to put an end to Crime Syndicate and Maybe bring back the original Justice league .


  • The story was very well written and was truly one of the few finest not Batman issues of the New 52 , the authors described in details the various motivation of the various members of Injustice league and for once makes the Heroes look more of a hurdles than the rescuers that they are supposed to be , the Story led to future inclusion of Lex luthor to Justice league which has to this day had very divisive response but no matter which side you are on the portrayal of Luthor was masterfully done and brought a very thoughtful character depth previously missing in any Superman Villain.

*there was also the introduction of Power ring an evil incarnation of the green lantern ring but more on the rings significance later

  • The art was very well done with a few troublesome panels aside much of the comics was well portrayed with the characters truly bought to life but radiant colours and superb sketching , it was truly one of the finest work in new 52 . the flaws however were that after issue number 6 the story started feeling a bit dragged out and the heroes were well and truly missed , and sure lex luthor and Captain cold were shown in a very different perspective but in the end it did feel like an overkill and one truly wanted the series to reach its conclusion a bit early

The comics is one of the finest written and drawn works and one of true rarity in the New 52 era and in terms of impact on the DC universe and the future of DC it holds as a very significant title and hence it comes as no surprise that i recommend it dearly to everyone i meet and who wants to get into the comics reading habit


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