Harry Dresden vs Werewolfs- Fool Moon Review (Dresden Files book 2)


So as I have written about before I knew going into the series that the first few books will be rough , that the plot won’t be much to be raving about nor would it be something that would make reading further books sensible yet for most part I really really enjoyed the first book and I was more than willing to move onto this book , yet while it was easy to overlook flaws and appreciate the beauty of the first book , it’s equally hard to take many positives out of this one .

It’s all right to be afraid. You just don’t let it stop you from doing your job


Jim butcher the author is a complete nerd , he likes video games , and he is inspired from the likes of Star wars and LOTR* and ergo he creates his book like it’s a plot of a movie , which means that his books are fast paced , action packed with every book coming up with a foe much nastier and more stronger than the one in his previous book . It’s a trend that seems to make the series more likely a comic book candidate than a Novel candidate .

*like the other billions of fantasy author and fans before and after him

So in order to make sure that the Dresden files remains a Novel candidate as well as comic book candidate there must be somethings like a better description of the emotions and environment and how magic works .or say a more complex puzzle that makes you intrigued while you read it and surprises you when finally the big reveal pops out. Fool Moon for most part finds success in the former aspect of the novel but fails miserably on the latter part .

Put some clothes on, you weird, yellow-eyed, table-dancing, werewolf-training, cryptic, stare-me-right-in-the-eyes-and-don’t-even-blink wench

in Fool Moon the only Wizard in the world who openly states himself as a Wizard and runs a paranormal investigative agency gets to go on a job as the special investigation department of Chicago takes his help for a case but as the case progresses Harry finds himself in more troubles than one , Eventually becoming a suspect for the very case he was investigating and ergo becomes an enemy of his long time friend Karrin Murphy and a special team of FBI officers and if that’s not all he learns a huge deal about Werewolves and foresees an attack by the big bad wolfes on his town .

‎It isn’t enough to stand up and fight darkness. You’ve got to stand apart from it, too. You’ve got to be different from it

Dresden files second installment is at is usual action packed best , The book ensures the events proceed at a fast pace and there are absolutely no dull moments . The books keeps creating cliff hangers and mystery with every passing chapter to make you keep looking for the usual “one more chapter, then I am done” excuse but as I said before the plot makes it a more likely candidate for comic books than for the novel but Jim Butcher craftily explains the world of magic and the creature of magic and at the same time he explains how emotions play a part on his titular characters strength as a magician .

I found him in a Dumpster one day when he was a kitten and he promptly adopted me. Despite my struggles, Mister had been an understanding soul, and I eventually came to realize that I was a part of his little family, and by his gracious consent was allowed to remain in his apartment. Cats. Go figure

There’s also the fact that dealing with the supernatural you have to use some of the clichéd mythical characters such as Vampires and Werewolves and to catch the readers imagination you must make sure that your Vampires and Werewolves stand out from other books and therein probably lies the biggest strength of Fool Moon and probably the whole of Dresden files itself . With the plethora of vampires , wizards and werewolves on various mainstream media and books these days one would think that every probable reimagining of the characters have been done* And yet Jim Butcher manages to reimagine his brand of Werewolves and vampires in this book and ensures that the reader realize just how beautiful his world creation has been

*I mean we have had all kinds of Werewolves from the furry monstrous one to the shirtless cringe-worthy one and don’t even get me started on the Vampires


But for all the good the book does there are more than a few pot holes in the book and sure you might look past that but the clichéd characters , the misogynist portrayal of Harry Dresden and the overt use of Erotica* and the use of age old one liners really made this a turn off to me

*which popped up out of nowhere

not to mention the mere Murphy vs Harry portrayal was confusing , I couldn’t understand why there was a breech of trust between the two when Harry has in past not only saved Murphy’s life but ensured Chicago stayed safe and despite that Murphy barely spends a breath before being suspicious of Harry and sending a Hay maker on Harry’s chin.

With a sense of humor like that, you could make a living as a garbage man anywhere in the country

It also makes for a bad impression when a mystery/thriller book becomes predictable and despite being a page turner , action packed , suspense generating novel much of the mystery created in the book were predictable which made for a massive disappointment. The lack of involvement from the secondary characters that still lack much character depth was also disappointing in more ways than one.

Basically knowing that the first few books were gonna be rough I did expect these problems when I read the first book but I was not much bothered with those problems then however as I come to read this book those problems have really bugged me a lot . That said having read a few more books of the series I would recommend that the readers keep reading on and because clearly the problems with these books gets better as the series progresses but as far as this book is concerned the cons outweighs the pros on many a level


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