Storm Front (Dresden files #1) Review


It rarely happens that I read a book series where I have been told that the first few books are gonna be rough and yet the fact that there’s a book that combines – Fantasy , Magic , Mystery , Action , Thriller and Humor made me quite intrigued to go ahead and read The First book of the Fan Favored Dresden files and frankly it was indeed rough and yet I quite simply enjoyed it

Storm Front is the first book in the 15 book (at the time of writing this review) series and it introduces the readers into the fascinating world that the author Jim Butcher has created . It’s a world where magic exists but most of the muggles humans ignore the things that go pop in the night , it’s not just magic however there’s a whole bunch of other things that exists in the world like vampires* , Ghosts , Demons etc etc. But fear not coz there’s also The ministry of magic White Council who take it upon themselves to keep the magical society civil in the world of normal Humans . Amongst the council remains an arrogant wisecrack , rebellious Wizard who unlike his compatriots advertises his existence in the yellow pages of Chicago and has set up his own Private Detective Firm to deal with the supernatural and This is the Titular Harry Dresden


Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment

*and I am pleased to say not the crappy creepy Twilight saga ones , the actual scary ones

Harry Dresden also works as a consultant for the Special investigation forces led by his friend Detective Karin Murphy and together with Murphy he is set out to solve a murder mystery which involves a couple being found dead in a state of intimacy with their internal viscera having erupted out of their respective bodies inside a closed hotel room with no signs on External trauma .


The Book itself is filled with plenty of clichés and some of the dialogues are predictable and disappointing and yet most of the time the book delivers enough wisecrack and sufficient action to make it a fun read . It’s not one of those fantasy masterpieces that would make you think but it’s rich in character , filled with action, decent plot and sufficient twist to make it a quick page turner .

As I have continued to read further books of Dresden files I have come to the conclusions that the latter books are indeed very well written and have been a much bigger step up compared to this book which can easily draw criticism for the stereotyped scenarios , the misogynistic attitude of the titular character , the excess erotica and yet I find a special corner in my heart for this book and it’s fellow series additions . If you are in a mind to have something to read that is entertaining and fun without giving you much to appreciate or think of than I strongly suggest you ignore the basic flaws and start reading coz indeed it does get better with the latter book but this book in itself isn’t half so bad


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