All Aboard the Hype Express … Choo Choo! – The Girl on The Train Review


The Girl on The Train is a 2013 published book that has garnered a huge fan following and acclaim,both critical and popular , it has gathered so much momentum* in the past two years in terms of hype that it was even given a thumbs up for a movie whose Trailer came out recently to give the already popular book even more Hype Steam* . And Granted with a trailer like that featuring Emily Blunt and a new rendition of the famous heartless song it does make you want to read the book to know what the fuss is all about . So I Did and alas for me the book kinda Derailed*

*yeah you got it this is a train reference cause the book is about a Girl on the TRAIN

The Girl on the Train is the debut psychological thriller from Paula Hawkins who was born and raised in Zimbabwe but has long since resided in London . She has a background as a Journalist and hence it was with probable ease that she bought the darkness in her characters so well .

The book focusses on the life of 1 woman Rachel who has had a really rough times in her recent past leading her to a life of alcoholism , self neglect , depression and self Loathing . Rachel however finds solace in Trains and makes a habit of regularly boarding a train that passes past her old House but instead of focusing on her old residence she looks at a house in the near vicinity and makes an imaginary image about a couple living in that house and it somehow calms her until she finds out that the female member of her imaginary couple has disappeared and the cops believe the imaginary male member to be responsible while Rachel herself has some vital clues to help the cops but deep down she also realizes that there are other vital clues that she is missing thanks to her alcoholism .


The plot is intriguing and the book itself is very well written with the mention of minute details of the scenario especially charming in many ways .The Characters have been written in a very dark setting with every character bar Rachel’s roommate having troubling issues of their own . There is no moral ambiguity here you are generally led by the author to simply hate every character involved for various reasons starting from irresponsible behavior to debauchery .

With that said for me the cons of the books were a lot to simply ignore past . The previously dark Characters become unbearable at times and simply annoying at others . But hey maybe it’s just me after all these are the times of Gone Girls and Game of Thrones , The Time were Morally noble is underappreciated and the Darkness is embraced and hey I don’t mind I have loved both A Song of Fire and Ice and Gone Girl but somehow Rachel and Co. Got on my nerves at times I didn’t care if one them died* .

*or for that matter I really didn’t care that one of character indeed died .

Then there’s the fact that for a thriller this book was a page turner and yet very slow in plot progression . For much of the book I was left wondering if I was actually reading a Thriller or a Romantic melodrama . And believing when it comes to the latter I am very easily turned off . The Fact that the Book progression had me correctly guess the identity of the culprit by the time I was at 40% of book was also very disappointing . I love a good thriller and mystery but I want them to be fast paced and unpredictable This book failed on both count.

Overall when it comes to dark Psychological Thriller from 2000s I am more likely to suggest Defending Jacob  & Gone Girl than this Over hyped book . But then again to each his own and for me this was not the right train to catch. The Girl on The Train is set to hit movie Theatres in October This Year


4 thoughts on “All Aboard the Hype Express … Choo Choo! – The Girl on The Train Review

  1. Ha… great review… I’m definitely not going to read this book… not sure if the couple being imaginary is known from early in the novel or is revealed as a huge twist towards the end, but one way or another, it just wouldn’t do… it’s kind of like this thriller I read- my, mighty action, proper proper going at it and the ending? turns out the main character was simply dreaming. needless to say I threw the book across the room and ranted for the rest of the day. It’s those lazy ‘twists’ being used that just make the whole book you read seem like a waste of time… anyway… I may just try and watch the movie… whenever it should show on TV.

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