Hyperbole and a Half – A Review about Craziness


Unless you have been living under a rock and / or are Amish or something you must have seen memes of this variety doing the rounds in the internet . Ever wonder where these Memes came from? Of course you haven’t coz who cares where Memes Come from. Right? Well if you do care then this particular Meme comes from the blog of Allie Brosh’s

Highly recommended blog –Hyperbole & a Half . Incase you have just been impressed by my Meme-Know-it-all-ledge than don’t be coz I never knew about the existence of such an amazing blog myself and damn if I ever spent a second worth of my time in trying to know where Meme come from . Then How did I know about the meme? I knew about it thanks to the amazing book by Allie Brosh namesake of her blog Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened

Yep that name is big and Chances are if you visit a book store having no knowledge about who Allie Brosh  is or what this book is about you see that name and the cover and you decide it’s probably a book for children and you decide not to buy it , when in reality the book is meant for all ages and for everyone as it takes you into the hilarious world of Allie Brosh and talks about her suffering from the cruel disease called depression and other events that make for a hilarious read and make you question whether the events really did take place or are simply made up .

Allie draws focus on one of the biggest issues that many face in real life but prefer to not talk about them , Allie insists on why that shouldn’t be the case she vouches for the various benefits of revealing your sad thoughts and she also puts up a good case explaining how others who have loved ones suffering from such illnesses react and not react . And sure this seems like a big issue and in any other scenario this does sound like a book on such topic would be very dull* but that’s not the case with this book . All the issues tackled are done via the means of some really crude drawings and very quick witted humor .

*no matter how informative it be 

Allie implores that every issue be dealt with humor even when she explains how she can’t find humor on most days herself . One may feel that such a serious issue as depression is being mocked by the humor but if you read the book you realize that it’s not so . The Humor may make the reading exciting and sure it may veil some nasty truth but it actually make more sense than most dull readings on similar subjects .

Of course the book is not all about Depressions and tough life it’s filled with many unfortunate events of hilarity that the author has found herself over the years . The art maybe intentionally left crude makes the hilarious narration even more funnier and I can guarantee people of similar tastes as mine that you will be in a fit of laughter till the end when you read this book .solutions-and-other-problems-9781501103285_hr

Allie Brosh is all set to release her new book Solutions and Other Problems this October and trust me when I say if you haven’t read Hyperbole yet than do so and when you are finished make sure you buy Solutions and other problems and keep reading and laughing again and again and Then thank me for suggesting you this graphic novel gold



4 thoughts on “Hyperbole and a Half – A Review about Craziness

    1. I have heard many say they stayed away because of the crude drawings yet I actually bought the book for those drawings , I don’t know why but I just saw the pic on the cover and I was interested


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