Fantasy Masterpiece? – The Blade Itself Review

Published in 2006 , The Blade Itself was the first book in The First Law Trilogy written by now well renowned British Author Joe Abercombie . The idea behind the book by Joe was to make a book that would single handedly redefine the Fantasy Genre , I don’t know how much success he achieved with that idea for as far as the series is concerned the book was a masterpiece* .


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Storm Front (Dresden files #1) Review


It rarely happens that I read a book series where I have been told that the first few books are gonna be rough and yet the fact that there’s a book that combines – Fantasy , Magic , Mystery , Action , Thriller and Humor made me quite intrigued to go ahead and read The First book of the Fan Favored Dresden files and frankly it was indeed rough and yet I quite simply enjoyed it

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All Aboard the Hype Express … Choo Choo! – The Girl on The Train Review


The Girl on The Train is a 2013 published book that has garnered a huge fan following and acclaim,both critical and popular , it has gathered so much momentum* in the past two years in terms of hype that it was even given a thumbs up for a movie whose Trailer came out recently to give the already popular book even more Hype Steam* . And Granted with a trailer like that featuring Emily Blunt and a new rendition of the famous heartless song it does make you want to read the book to know what the fuss is all about . So I Did and alas for me the book kinda Derailed*

*yeah you got it this is a train reference cause the book is about a Girl on the TRAIN

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Hyperbole and a Half – A Review about Craziness


Unless you have been living under a rock and / or are Amish or something you must have seen memes of this variety doing the rounds in the internet . Ever wonder where these Memes came from? Of course you haven’t coz who cares where Memes Come from. Right? Well if you do care then this particular Meme comes from the blog of Allie Brosh’s

Highly recommended blog –Hyperbole & a Half . Incase you have just been impressed by my Meme-Know-it-all-ledge than don’t be coz I never knew about the existence of such an amazing blog myself and damn if I ever spent a second worth of my time in trying to know where Meme come from . Then How did I know about the meme? I knew about it thanks to the amazing book by Allie Brosh namesake of her blog Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened

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