Back in early part of April 2005 one author and his book series made much hype . Christopher Paolini was called as the next big thing , The Next Tolkien and his Book Series Inheritance Cycle a huge achievement . Maybe it was the fact that the book was writted by the author while he was very young , Maybe the people who praised the book were reading it while drunk . Maybe it was just a big elaborate April Fool’s joke that some people took serieously but believe me comparing this series with Tolkien or for that matter any and many countless superb fantasy books out there is an absolute Disgrace

Lemme tell you about a kid who was tricked into believing that book with a Dragon on it’s cover are awesome … Yes sadly that kid was me and yes even remembering of those times make me cry . few years back I saw the cover of the Eragon book , I was still a kid back then and I kept hearing the hype behind the book and having been just introduced into the world of fantasy and fiction my impressionable mind was … well .. impressed . I mean JUST LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL COVERS


Yes I made the age old mistake of judging the book by it’s cover* . The mere murmurs amongst the book world of a book with Dragons and huge magical world and warlocks peaked my naïve interest but sadly the book was a huge regret for my book reading self .

*and hype as well

The flaws in the book were countless starting with the poor writing skills of the author* which led to sentences that made little to no sense . A very very uninspired plot that was basically steal the world of LOTR , take plot of Star Wars, Add Dragons and We have the Inheritance Cycle . And yes granted if we take a look around a book store there would probably be countless fantasy books that have Plagiarised the plot of LOTR but sadly Paolini never mans up to this fact and says that his story is unique and a masterpiece and frankly It kinda rubs me the wrong way when you try to trick me into believing such non-sense .

*which I could kinda overlook since he was very young when he write the book

But the flaws doesn’t stop there , The book itself has no central plot Because throughout the book, we can only see how their aim changes. There are countless pages of overdescription of mote points of things that a book reader never cares about . The characters have absolutely no depth and most of the time I kept thinking “boy if one of these people dies I won’t give a rat’s ass” and it was true . Even the various races and characters described were remotely interesting there was no point of time that I found myself intrigued by these said characters . The supposed Romance Angle was also weird and disturbing .

The Fact is while people credit Paolini for writing a fantasy book while he was 18 I believe that most 18 year old can make stories such as this . Afterall They just have to twist their favorite movies or stories and add a few things and get a publishing house to publish the book .

I am ashamed that I was tricked into buying the Series but I would strongly emphasize that if you haven’t read it then please don’t even Try . Also if you still want to waste your money and buy this crap be my guest *

*literally , contact me I would love to make some cash by selling you this fraud author’s non sense book





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