All The Lights We Cannot See – A Review

all-the-light-we-cannot-see_book_3-41For Weeks now I have been wondering what should be my next book review , the Next Book Suggestion . I clearly had lots of options , and I clearly have a lot of opinions * , so what took me so long ? Well try writing a LOTR review and then follow it up and you will know . I Had to pick a book that justified me placing a review of a book near the sacred LOTR review  and when I think about a Pulitzer winner isn’t such a bad choice

*sometimes well formed ones and sometimes clearly fucked up ones

All The Lights We Couldn’t See is a historical fiction novel published in 2004 & written by Anthony Doerr . Doerr is relatively new as a author but that hasn’t held him back from taking prestigious awards with every book with possibly the most prestigious one being awarded to him following All The Light We Cannot See


Those that know me, know that I am more of a fantasy/sci-fi book guy and yet sometimes I find time or rather I push myself to read books that are not Fantasy, often times I end up not being much entertained and when it all comes down to it I want to be entertained . However sometimes I do find some really really good books to brag to my friends to have had read about . One such book was Anthony Doerr’s – All The lights we cannot see .

At The Time of reading this book I had known that the book was making waves across the book world but the book hadn’t held the lofty reputation of a Pulitzer winner . Maybe that led me to treat this book as any other book I read and not start with a higher threshold set for anticipation . The book set During the times of World War II is seen from the perspective for 3 key characters – A Blind Naïve Girl from France, A Genius German boy disillusioned by the Strength and propagandas of his country and a German Soldier looking for immortality for his wretched soul .

The book takes a look at* the devastation , misery and death spread across the world when one midget of a guy leads the whole world to clash against each other in name of revolution and rights of his people but it does it in a unique way where the events of the worldwar and the despair are always stressed on but the main plot is pointing you towards other things.

*as most historical fiction do


Things that mainly matter to the aforementioned 3 key characters and how their life changes . The book deals with how a sightless girl holds more faith and hope for the world while the one with the power of sight ignore the wrongdoings of people and fail to see what’s right and what’s wrong .This sightless girl makes the world around her realize what freedom really was , what their strength was and eventually she teaches even those who ignored the wrongs of the war what they were doing and what they were supposed to .

Granted I haven’t read a lot of books belonging to this genre but from the few that I have read I learn that this book is unique in it’s portrayal and is a beautiful story surrounded by sadness , hope and in the end a true portrayal of how brutal world can be when they collide with each other . The news of this book winning a Pulitzer was a welcome one for me and I can justify it being awarded so .


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