Rebirth – Return of the Old Love?

In the year 2011 DC comics decided that in order to draw in new readers they needed to begin things from the scratch , they also thought that this will allow them to take many liberties with already historical characters ,allowing them to make changes to the already well established story , create new Characters and experiment with the already tried and tested all in the hope of getting new Readers to come back to Comics .

It sounded like a good plan. After all back then it was hard to get new readers , while Marvel were able to get new readers on the back of their cinematic universe success. Nerds around the world were frowning that new Nerds were showing up who acted like snotty little brats who know everything about comics when in reality they started dwelling into the world of comics after the movies were made.

Alas ! sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work

In attempts to get the new generation to like their brand DC made the mistakes of taking too much liberty with their epic characters which led to many older comics fan getting alienated . Fans were not a fan of Superman wearing Jeans and T-shirts , or Lois Lane being an Alien Species, etc etc . Times were such that for 4 years the only good thing about the whole DC comics were the Batman comics and especially Scott Snyder’s Batman run and the Harley Quinn comics .It was a Mess . Thankfully DC comics have come out and accepted that they messed it up and now they will re-launch all the issues with much of what people loved returning to the comics world

  • Nightwing returns to black and blue
  • Wonder – woman , Batman and Superman get a whole new comic series called Trinity
  • Superman returns to the blue and red cape – no more T-shirt and jeans
  • Lois and Clark are back again
  • New Green Lantern team feat. First Female human GL
  • 2 Justice league comics
  • Teen Titans to stop being absurd
  • and biggest of em all – Joker’s identity to be revealed

for most part their were plenty of more changes and most sounded good and got me hyped . What about you?



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