Tolkien Reading Day Tribute – Review of LOTR

In case you haven’t heard 25th of March is Celebrated as the Tolkien Reading day . The yearly event encourages fans of the author to read and share their favorite Tolkien quotes and passages . This Yearly event was offset by the TOLKIEN SOCIETY – an educational , charitable institution which of course is basically an international fan club .

Each year, Tolkien Reading Day has a theme chosen by members of the Tolkien Society. This year’s theme is life, death and immortality — chosen to honor Tolkien’s service in the First World War. According to the Tolkien society, “The theme was ch425335-tolkien_photo_cosen for 2016 to coincide with the one-hundredth anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Tolkien fought and survived this dreadful battle.”

And being a fan myself I would be dedicating my day in such events as well , however for my blog I have decided to write a review about the book that basically inspired countless generations of inspired authors, fantasy enthusiasts , mimics and heck even movie directors trusting fantasy books into movie .


I am of course talking about The Lord of the Ring . I have been lucky enough to have been able to read this book and if I remember correctly this was my first ever fantasy book ,however the book was bought to my attention not via any literacy genius and neither from my teachers nor from my friends it was via the Peter Jackson’s Oscar winning directorial named after the first part of the book – The Fellowship of the Ring  . I was genuinely mesmerized by the beauty of the movie and couldn’t wait to get my hand on the masterpiece that was Tolkien’s work.

lotr111J.R.R Tolkien’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS is often erroneously called a trilogy , when it is in fact a single novel , consisting of six books plus appendices , sometimes published in three volumes .

Written during the era of World War the book is about a Wizard dragging a being belonging to a peaceful race of creatures into an adventure that the said creature always thought he wanted but couldn’t imagine the implication his adventure will hold for the whole world as a simple Ring whom he was a heir to becomes the Centre of chaos and destruction.

The Journey of Frodo the Hobbit to the Dark Realm of Mordor to Destroy a Ring , and not just Any Ring , The ONE RING , the Ring that was once held by the Dark Evil Emperor Sauron himself , made to rule the whole world and possessing mighty powers that on the hands of mere mortal such as Frodo can be very alluring and despite all the allure Frodo the Hobbit will take the perilous journey and try to see it through along with his skilled companions which include his best friend and servant Sam , fellow hobbitses , a fallen prince , an Elven warrior , a dwarf and a notorious wizard .

Yes that’s the plot of the greatest fantasy book ever written probably .Written during the darkest of times in the Real world admist the events of a World war that Tolkien himself participated in . The book subtly deals with issues like the benefits of the harmony , an evil foreign emperor waging war , the will power and grit of those that the world thinks nothing more than naïve & weak , the allure and greed that comes with power & the dark side that one joins with all the power  and along with these said issues Tolkien manages to build a world so beautiful in it’s description that one feels that even the millions of dollars of money spent in the movie failed to do justice . Tolkien also manages to create characters that feel very close to you and at various points explains in details the hardship of the journey that the hobbits took .

Although one cannot deny the mere fact that the movie was in itself a piece of genius somehow by the time the movie ends you may have a feeling that Samwise was brave but Frodo was pretty much useless . in the book however you truly feel how brave Frodo is , infact he seemed to be the bravest of them all as he takes a journey and fights the draw of the dark power that made a creature kill his brethren to keep . it’s truly gritty tale with well depicted war scenes , the hardship of the journey and various ills and omens of a world that is so unlike ours but in many ways so much like ours

If you try to find amateur reviews of this book you will find only a few and the reason is the fame of this book , many like it and many don’t yet it’s the hard to write or explain how good this book is or one would not like it . To This day many budding authors try to mimic the tale and many take inspiration from this book to become a fantasy author and yet many like me are inspired to read a book , go on an adventure and be fanatic about the world of fantasy

in short this is a gem of a book and if you haven’t read it yet I say it’s never late to start


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