Hello there,

over the years I have tried writing a few blogs here and there . My attempts ranged from the hypocrisy of the world around me to my favorite football club to many other attempts .

These attempts have always ended up in the same way i.e me abandoning these blogs after a few months . The reasons for my failed attempts were many like :

  • lack of blog-worthy topics
  • lack of time
  • lack of writing skills & most importantly
  • lack of audience


However this time I am thinking about a successful venture ahead . This blog will be my attempt at a review , critic , and other ramblings about Books ,which includes (but not limited to ) Books I want to read , New books coming out that I am excited about , Books I have read , Books I want my audience to read , books I don’t want to read , books in various media like novels , comics , TV adaptations , Movie Adaptations etc .

Hopefully this time around I will make it a regular blog and hopefully this time I will have audience ready to discuss , critic and opine my various blog post .


Be Seeing ya !


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