Invincible Vol. 4 : Head of the Class , by Robert Kirkman , Cory Walker (Artist) & Ryan Ottley (Artist)

214864What I lIked :

This was basically a volume depicting the aftermath of the events that took place in Vol.3 .These mainly focused on how the new Guardians of the globe and the planet are dealing with threats in the absence of the original Guardians and Omni-man .

Another aspect that the aftermath dealt with was the emotional response from Mark and his mother , with the difficulties faced by Mark’s mom really tugging your emotional heart strings.

Meanwhile the story once again focused on how Mark’s character is being built towards what he’ll become in the future . His coming of age story is not just about being a hero who will fill Omni-man’s boots but also about how he survives the teenage and all the chaos that comes with it.

Another thing that I really liked was the introduction of proper villains and arch-enemies for Invincible in this issue . I count at least 5 decent villain .

What I didn’t Like : 3929940

Or rather What You may not like – The issue , as i stated before was more about Mark’s character development , and the emotional turmoils and less about your typical superhero stuff.

The issue also felt a bit insignificant and slow compared to the previous issue, but then again , it was always going to be difficult to deliver another issue like volume 3 .


Still a breath of fresh air among the usual superhero comics on sale and definitely a comic that I continue to enjoy and recommend .




Banner-1And so it ends . 10 books , Over 10 thousand pages, 100s of characters to love and many of those lovable characters dying , over 2 and half years and finally the Malazan book of fallen has ended for me. And Pardon me a moment of exaggeration but I believe this series is possibly one of the most epic fantasy story ever told.

Pages - 1199 pages / Series - Malazan Book of Fallen / Genre - Fantasy , Epic Fantasy

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Invincible Vol. 3 : Perfect Strangers , by Robert Kirkman (author) Ryan Ottley (Illustrator) , Bill Crabtree (Illustrator) , Tom Brevoort (Introduction)

What I Liked :

524498It’s strange that I always start with “what I liked” , what to do when you only have “things you liked” to talk about ? because this is it ! This IS IT! The Issue where I can’t find any thing that I “didn’t Like”.

Up until this point in the Invincible comics , the story was all about a coming of age story for the titular character , with a satirical look into the world of superhero comics . It was all a fresh , joy filled new representation in the superhero comics genre .Then this comic arrived and everything changed.

A massive reveal in this book that really changed everything . The fun is discarded for the sake of a dark turn in the story , and while we did expected this moment to come , after all the events started out in the Vol.2 , the execution was top-notch.
With really awesome action and emotional turmoils for the readers to enjoy at the same time and man I just can’t stop feeling sorry for Mark’s Mom .

Even towards the end the whole response of the Super-secret-S.H.I.E.L.D-esque people was very refreshing and different (even logical) . The art really grew on me and I got the confirmation that indeed the improvement and consistency in the art style was due to the change in the illustrator .


Honestly I just can’t find anything wrong that this book did , absolutely enjoyed the hell out of this book . I already was in love with this book , but this book with the MEGA CHANGED STATUS QUO . This is probably what a perfect comic book looks like – ABSOLUTELY BUY IT!


INVINCIBLE VOLUME 2 – Eight Is Enough , by Robert Kirkman (author) Cory Walker (Illustrator) , Ryan Ottley (Illustrator) , Bill Crabtree (Illustrator) , Erik Larsen (Introduction)

What I lIked :

18813251So having read what happens in the next volume , I think I am a bit overzealous with how highly I rate this book , so you know , take this review with a grain of salt maybe . or maybe, No, screw it, I stick to my review¬† … Sue me !

There’s just a pure sense of entertainment and fun in this comics , breaking the stereotypical superhero tropes and making fun of it all but also making entertaining adventures and daily live struggles of a teenager plus the obvious growing up story for Mark aka the titular Invincible for the reader to enjoy .

Simply said it’s fresh , its funny and it’s unique and it’s one of the best thing out there that I have come across .

What I didn’t Like :

402228The art I’m still not a big fan of , although I don’t know what happened but towards the end of the volume the art seemed to improve and gain some consistency , specially in terms of background colours and facial features . I think maybe they changed the illustrator towards the end , not really sure.

Also I think Mark’s mom character and his best friend’s character weren’t fleshed out or given enough page-time until this volume (ofcourse that all changes next volume , Oh i can’t wait to talk about the next volume).


If you enjoy superhero comics but are tired of the stereotypes that these days Big Two (DC & Marvel) follow than you MUST read this , since while it delivers as a Superhero comics , it also makes fun of those stereotypes and the end result is a fresh , clever and unique comic book . A MUST BUY !


Batman (2016) Volume 8 : Cold Days , by Tom King . REVIEW !

Absolutely loved this one .

40859442The story showed the after math of the wedding and finished with Bruce facing another tragedy . This leads me to believe that we are going back to the times when Batman became very disturbed emotionally during the Jason Todd death and Breaking the bat storyline in the past.

The first part of the story specially , which involved Bruce doing jury duty was absolutely fantastic and despite lack of any action it dwelled deep into the psychology of Batman fandom and fanaticism that exists at Gotham .

Not to say that the other stories were bad , the banterous relationship between Dick and Bruce was fun to watch and although we know of Dick learning of Bruce’s identity , we first time got to know how the early year relationship between Dick and Bruce was .

The only thing I didn’t like was the art during the first part of the volume and the narrative style of King which still remains confusing for large parts of the story as well as , long monologues .

I’ll say though , that this was the first time that King’s Batman did Batman and not just roll over and got rescued by an Ally


INVINCIBLE VOL.1 – Family Matters , by Robert Kirkman . Review!

For about the whole of last year I just kept hearing good things about Invincible , so much so that not a day went by that someone I knew who read comics didn’t mention this book . Those who do know me , know that I always stick to DC and Marvel (which has become DC only these days ) and the last time I tried a different publishing house I was let down big time (Thank you Valiant) so with some skepticism I approached my first Image comics story .

What I Liked :

214867On the surface this is yet another Superhero comics , but with a bit of changes added in. Those said changes reminded me of the movie Incredibles . Although it’s not a ditto plot it has a bit of similarities with Mark , the titular character , being born into a family with a Super Dad.

There’s a charming feel about the book , with a look into a adolescent boy dealing with normal high school stuff and in the mean time acquiring super powers and starting his new job as the amateur superhero.

for much of the issue it felt like I was looking at a pilot episode of a cartoon show , kind of like , Static Shock and I totally enjoyed that.

Also Atom Eve = NEW COMIC BOOK CRUSH ! (don’t judge)

Also Also the introduction written by Kurt Busiek was hilarious .

What I didn’t Like :

A1xpCRszbILDespite all the hype , I was kind of disappointed to see pretty much a cliched story , with a sort of slow pace with over powered hero and pretty lame conclusion to the mystery .

The ending was very annoying to me as It didn’t surprise me and felt like too simple and rushed .

The art was unique but I’d be honest I didn’t like it


It was a decent issue and honestly nothing extra ordinary happened , but overall still a decent issue , having now read the volume 2 and 3 I think the future volume really rock my mind compared to this one and when read together this makes a brilliant comic book , but as a stand alone it is a decent book but not a spectacular one


BATMAN (2016) Vol. 7 : The Wedding – by Tom King, Review

40109990[includes review for Vol. 7 and Prelude to the wedding books & Catwoman #1]

I was hell of a lot disappointed with this one . The gift story line involving Booster gold had some many time paradox errors that it gave me a headache and I just couldn’t swallow that story . But in reality this book is all about the Wedding and while we knew King would pull something like this , we wanted to know the reason and the reason were very very very underwhelming. Heck the reasons weren’t even unique , this has been done before and done a lot really .

Also , let me once again moan about how much annoying i find King’s Batman , who’s all talk and no bite . Again he is talked about in high terms , his legend is profound , all his old adventures are used to elevate his already legendary status , but when the battle ensues between him and the bad guy , Batman is easily beaten a39104180nd one of Bat-allies is left to take over and finish the mess . As i said , this Batman is lame .

But again , we came here for the wedding , for the story , while the story isn’t unique , the execution could have saved it , but alas , it didn’t . It was the same execution that King did with Vision , with Mister Miracle and this one is filled with lots of panels of useless Jargon-esque recap-exposition and monologues. it was tiring , I must have skipped past a few pages towards the end even.

One thing I can’t complain about is the art work , Janin and Chung deliver absolute stunning pages of sketches and colors and the final issue even had throwback arts from artists in the past . It was nice.

Oh and before I Leave this insistent on King’s part to continue his Bane run right back from his first issue is getting tiring as hell. Specially seeing 2-face and Joker stand as minion to Bane is eye-roll-worthy.