Batman: Aftershock (16 issues) [by Doug Moench]

13368760I’d say this 16 issues behemoth was a 2.5 out of 5 star book .

Featuring the aftermath of the earth quake that has left Gotham at the brink of extinction and Batman feeling helpless , as this enemy is not something he can punch or deduct into submission . This book compiles the various stories that take place during and immediately after the earthquake . Displaying the grit and the carnal nature of human beings in their efforts to survive . And of course shown are the efforts put in by Bruce Wayne and Batman in restoring the city.

This books format works both for and against it , as the format gives us one shots that can be compiled and admired for the various stories told in them , however most story feel generic or don’t touch any emotional strings ergo making it a dull book at many times .

As I said , this was an average read . I had not read this classic during it’s release and now that I have , I must admit , this is not a “must-read” and one can easily skip it to jump into the no-man’s land story line



Invincible, Vol. 12: Still Standing [by Robert Kirkman]

7222210This was just fantastic , This was action packed from the first page to the last , this was dripping in gore , This had Breast enhancement…err… yeah

As I stated a few lines ago this was action packed from the get go , as Angstorm puts forward his evil plan and boy oh boy ! It’s damn sure is Evil. Although much of the action was unseen and the end of the plan came a bit abruptly , it just was so impactful . Not to mention soon after another big baddy shows up and That fight went even beyond the Omni-man battle .

It was just panels after panels of breathless action and entertainment and once the dust settled you could tell that things have changed , that the story has been impacted. Where this is all headed , I can’t wait to find out , for now however, THIS here is the best Invincible Comics I have read this year


Invincible, Vol. 11: Happy Days [ by Robert Kirkman]

6232218This was a very laid back volume compared to the previous one , the expectations of the previous issues didn’t materialize and I appreciate that . Gives this story some time to character development time . There was also introduction of a new villain , whose backstory is familiar in the comic world , but this time the character is given a twist and I really enjoyed it .

There were some really sweat moment as well , like Mark single handedly whooping the full roster of guardians of the globe . And of course the Allen adventure was also dope and finally ! Mark and Eve !

Entertaining , but a step down to last issue



Invincible, Vol. 10: Who’s the Boss? by Robert Kirkman

4670831Just fantastic !

This title just keeps getting better and better after each passing volume and this here was some amazing shit .

This volume really turns things upside down for the world of invincible as he learns that the hero business he was so happy to be in , wasn’t as black and white as he thought . In fact , he also finds out the difficulties he has to face at his home and a certain villain re-surfaces , while another makes a surprising return.

This is just pure joy to read , but this time the author has put in motion various complexities in Mark’s life that makes one be very excited about future volumes


Invincible, Vol. 9: Out of This World [by Robert Kirkman]

1020032Another fantastic volume , but what this issue suffered from was a lack of a fixed storyline or a decent villain .

There were just a lot of low-ranking villains/thugs and repeatedly changing storylines .

Of course , one can argue that it maybe partly because Kirkman is broadening the scope of his story , expanding his universe , but then again there really weren’t many new villains or heroes or even fringe character added.

That said , once again Invincible remains entertaining , because it gives you that jolly good feels, and makes you feel it’s relatable somewhat. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️, I just simply liked it , and despite no real progress , i still enjoyed the hell out of it.


Invincible, Vol. 8: My Favorite Martian [by Robert Kirkman]


Another fun volume , I am still awaiting a mediocre book from the title , forget about bad books , even a mediocre book would raise my eyebrows at this point .

However compared to the previous books this was a drop in quality , the big villains felt weaker and the main focus of the story was on various relationship , Eve and Mark , Mark and Alice , Rex and Kate etc Robot and Monster Girl etc . There also was the issue of the missing friend of Mark .

Overall it was still a very very entertaining story arc , however in comparison maybe this was a slight lesser entertaining.



Invincible, Vol. 7: Three’s Company ( by Robert Kirkman)

What a fantastic issue . It seems Invincible keeps getting better with each volume .

402223But before I start , can anyone confirm , are all the Invincible volume names derived from US TV shows ?

The main focus of the story was in developing the love triangle and the relationship between Mark and Amber and this was handled with the help of the suitmaker buddy of Mark , who acts like a father figure to advice Mark move ahead .

But between this relationship progression was a fantastically written Hostage situation which featured some cameos from a friendly neighborhood hero and a certain Dark Knight , those cameos aside the end of this Hostage scene was brutal and asked a big question of the No-kill policies of certain heroes and anger issues of the Viltrumite race .

There’s also the developing relationship of Mrs Grayson and the alien baby and yet again we are shown the suffering that Mrs Grayson suffers for being in a super family and also shows the strength she possess to still be at the side of her son after all that suffering .

As I said , it’s another fantastic issue , so far my favorite in the Invincible run , and I can’t recommend this title highly Enough


Invincible , Vol. 6: A Different World {By Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley (Illustrator) , Cliff Rathburn (Illustrator) , Bill Crabtree (Illustrator)

402225What I liked :
➕ The art was fantastic , and specially vivid in cases of action scenes .
➕ The whole Half brother angle is really promising and I cant wait to see where it goes .
➕ The role of Cecil is also changing apparently and it makes me wonder where it will go .
➕ I was very happy about the Rexplode Karma .

What I didn’t Like :
➖ The reunion was nice and all, but it also came out of nowhere and really the payoff that I expected to come after the initial parting of the ways was absent and honestly I feel a bit cheated .
➖ In the end , Invincible still hasn’t beaten a big villain on his own.


Black Lightning : Cold Dead Hands [Book Review]

[Read as single issues]

39207994I am a bit split about this one , in the end I’d say it’s a 3.5 out of 5 star book .

The book gives Black Lightning a new origin story , and depending on what they have changed and how much appetite you as a reader have for changes , you can like or dislike this book before the end of the first part of this volume.

In terms of plot though , Black Lightning tries to imbibe American Current affairs and problems faced by Black citizens in their neighborhood and in the country , with Comic superhero element and personally I largely liked it . Or so to speak , it worked for me .

I even liked Tobias Whale , the Big Baddy and how BL dealt with it was also enjoyable for me . And the art was fantastic as well.

But the constant cheesy lines thrown around and how the story progressed issue to issue really annoyed me , sometimes it all felt rushed and sometimes it felt stagnated . Overall I enjoyed it but the lingering feeling remains that it could have been better


Batman : White Knight

[Read as single issues]

Wow . This was something .

37775321Batman comics have generally considered as one of the rare superhero comics that are very close to reality , with heroes and villains motivation psychologically explainable in a town that resembles some of corrupt places in real world. This book however takes a turn and comes even more closer to reality .

Set in an alternative timeline where Jason Todd was the first Robin , Batman has grown rough in his handling of crime in gotham and one incident with joker makes headlines and also cures Joker . Now <s> Joker </s> Jack Napier is set out to end vigilantism in Gotham .

The plot was very dark but very feasible , and the whole twist with Joker as a new savior of Gotham was a fantastic take . Personally I am a big Batman fan , and yet this book manages to make me nearly hate Batman and agree with Joker .

Of course I was not a fan of the art and yes I did think that maybe they took it too far in how they portrayed Batman , which made my inner fanboy hate this book a little . But the story is really convincing and the art really helps the gloom of the story . It’s a near perfect book for me